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Today In Genealogy History – April 18, 2012

Mary Abigail Carrico and Bernard Albert Smith were married 101 years ago – April 18, 1911 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Abigail was the daughter of Joseph Benedict Napoleon Carrico and Melvina Ann Smith.  Bernard was the son of Marshall Smith and Anna Mattingly.  Abigail and Bernard had 14 children:  Benjamin, Joseph Gilbert, Thomas Walter, Catherine Melvina, Mary Helen, Bernard Dominic, Louis Burtram, Mary Isabelle, William Roscoe, William Robert, Richard Mathue, Joseph Ivo, Mary Theresa and Mary Retha Smith.

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  1. Thomas Walter Smith is my grandpa who mother would be Mary Abigail (Abbie) carrico who father would be Bernard Albert Smith which would be my great grand parent. Thomas w. Smith married Mary Ollie mattingly who had a son James dean smith who is my dad. Which James dean smith had 3 children who i’am one of the siblings Linda M Smith

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