Dr. Mosheim Tabler Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Thursday, April 30, 1903

Dr. Mosheim Tabler died in Belleview Hospital on April 23rd, in the 63rd year of his age.  He was born June 18, 1840, in Wythe County, Virginia.  He was the son of Rev. J. T. Tabler, a distinguished Baptist minister.  He attended Allegheny College in Greenbriar County, West Virginia, from 1859 to the beginning of the Civil War, when he, with many others, left his class and volunteered in the Confederate army.  He was a lieutenant in Bryant’s Battery and was known as a gallant Christian soldier, having taken part and often commanding his battery in many of the great battles of the war.  After the war he chose medicine as his profession and graduated in medicine and surgery at the Richmond, Virginia, Medical College in 1866.  Soon after this he married the accomplished cousin of General Rosser, Miss Fannie B. Rosser, of Bedford, Virginia.  Four bright children, Mosheim B. Tabler, Charles F. Tabler, both in business in New York City, Mrs. Virginia Boomhower and Miss Fannie Tabler, now at school, were born to them.  His wife died September 7, 1884, and is buried in our beautiful city of the dead.  On May 31, 1890, he married Miss Susie B. Biggs, of Louisville, who survives him.  He settled in Harrodsburg in 1875 and was one of our most honored citizens.  He built and owned the Southwestern Railroad, and was prominent in many business enterprises until 1893, when he located in New York City and took a post-graduate course in Belleview Hospital and graduated with distinction in medicine and surgery in 1896.  He leaves two bright children, Willie and Alice, by his second wife.  He lived a pure Christian life and was loved and respected by all who knew him.  There never was a more devoted, loving, husband and father.  He was Knight Templar and was buried here Sunday afternoon with Masonic honors, a number from the Danville Commandery attending the services.

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