Aaron Farra Cemetery – Near Kohl’s Department Store!

When going to the closest Kohl’s store – in Jessamine County, Kentucky – it’s hard not to notice the small cemetery just to the front and right.  At one point the cemetery was located closer to US 27 – it was moved February 8, 2003, to make way for civilization!  I’m just happy it was moved and not destroyed!  But I remember well driving past and seeing the cemetery not far off the highway.  The last time we went to Kohl’s I took photos of the cemetery and gravestones.  Before that I didn’t know the names of those buried there, much less any additional information.  But with a little research sometimes comes a lot of knowledge!

Aaron Farra, died July 10, 1859, aged 67 years, 9 months and 5 days

Aaron Farra was born in Kentucky about 1792 – the year Kentucky became a state – or commonwealth, rather!  In the 1850 census of Jessamine County he is listed as 58 years of age with real estate valued at $30,000 – he must have owned a nice amount of acreage!  Aaron was the son of Amos Farra and Margaret Ann Whitman.  Amos died in 1825 and supposedly was buried in this cemetery – perhaps his stone didn’t survive?

Sally, wife of Aaron Farra, died February 4, 1861, aged 68 years, 2 months and 29 days.

Sally, the wife of Aaron Farra, is listed in the 1850 census as aged 57, and that she was born in Maryland.  Another person listed living with them in the census is Lucy Neet, aged 82, also born in Maryland.  This evidently is Sally’s mother.  Aaron Farra and Sally Neet married March 21, 1816, in Jessamine County.

Lucy, wife of George Neet, born January 29, 1868, died April 10, 1854, aged 86 years, 1 month, 12 days.

Lucy is buried in the cemetery, but without having that bit of information from the census, her exact relationship to the other members buried here would have been unknown.

George Neet, born February 10, 1767, died December 31, 1839, aged 72 years, 10 months, 18 days.

George is the husband of Lucy, father of Sally.  Perhaps he was born in Maryland?

George W. Farra, son of A. & S. Farra, died August 27, 1826, aged 1 year, 2 months and 2 days.

One of the children of Aaron and Sally buried here – just an infant!

John, son of A. & S. Farra, died August 31, 1829, aged –

Another son of Aaron and Sally – unfortunately the stone has sunk into the ground and the age cannot be seen.

J. Hamilton, son of H. A. and S. A. Headley, born Jun 18, 1852, died March 10, 1866

J. Hamilton Headley is one of two children of Hamilton Headley and Sally Ann Farra buried in the cemetery, grandchildren of Aaron Farra and Sally Neet.

George Aaron, son of H. A. & S. A. Headley, born October 8, 1849, died March 14, 1858

Evidently this child was named for his grandfather – and great-grandfather!

Ermina M., daughter of N. & L. Berry, born August 12, 1838, died September 26, 1848

Ermina is a mystery – try as I could I found nothing to give information about her parents or why she would be buried in this cemetery.  Most likely she is a granddaughter of Aaron and Sally Farra, but there is no proof.  Perhaps you might know?

Magdalen, wife of Wilford?, born April 19, 1807

This stone is very difficult to read.  I’m fairly sure the name is Magdalen, and the birth date is April 19,1807.  The rest I am guessing.  Again, anyone know about this person?

Fortunately this is one of the small, family cemeteries that has survived through the years.  Many have become over-run with weeds and brambles so that they are invisible to passersby.  The stones are still very readable, except for one, which is amazing.  When you see a small cemetery, stop and take photos – who knows when civilization may come through and destroy it?!

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  1. You asked a question on the page for the Aaron Farra family graveyard:
    “Magdalen, wife of Wilford?, born April 19, 1807
    This stone is very difficult to read. I’m fairly sure the name is Magdalen, and the birth date is April 19,1807. The rest I am guessing. Again, anyone know about this person?”
    Her maiden name was Neet, 2nd wife of William Webber Ford (see:http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kygarrar/Families/Ford1.html)
    She is living with Sally Neet Farra in the 1860 census for Jessamine County Kentucky, so I am assuming that she is the sister of Sally and daughter of George and Lucy Neet buried here also. George Neet is the son of George Nead (1739-1782, Frederick County Maryland) and his wife Magdalena (maiden name unknown). George Nead left a will naming his son George, and his wife Magdalena. George (jr) moved to Kentucky with his brothers John and Jacob, and mother Magdalena after George Nead died. George Nead was an officer in the Revolutionary War for Maryland.

    Barb Ristow, a descendant of George and Magdalena Nead (through their son John)

  2. You asked: “Ermina is a mystery – Perhaps you might know?”
    Ermina is the daughter of Lucy Farra and her husband Nathaniel P Berry, and the granddaughter of Aaron Farra and Sally Neet. Nathaniel P Berry was evidently a very rich man- he and his wife raised one child, Nathaniel Farra Berry, to adulthood and his obituary reads: Mar 30, 1905
    After an illness of several months Mr. Nathaniel F. Berry, 50, died at his home on the Nicholasville Pike Tuesday morning of heart disease. He was one of the wealthiest citizens of Fayette County, having inherited great wealth from his father, N. P. Berry, who at the time of his death was one of the largest land owners in Fayette County.
    You will find 83 yr old Lucy Farra Berry in the 1900 census of Fayette County Kentucky living with her 73 yr old sister Sally Ann Farra Headly (the mother of both George A Headly and J. Hamilton Headly who are also buried here).
    Barb Ristow

    • I am looking for directions to the Farra Cemetery on Knight Farm, Catnip Hill Road, Jessamine County, Kentucky. Amos Farra is my direct ancestor and a Rev. War Veteran. I would like to see if his grave marker is still there.

    • Thank you Meredith for this information. Do you think I can still find and see the stones on the Knight farm? Amos and Margaret are my direct ancestors. I would love some directions to the farm! Thank you so much!

      • The markers are still there. However, the cemetery is deep on private property of a large corporation and behind locked fences and gates. They do bioengeneering and biomedical research with propritory information, so they are really not big about people visiting. The best way to see the marker is to go on Find-A-Grave and view the marker that way, since the whole cemetery has now been photographed, reducing the need for in person visitors.

  3. I stopped by there today. Glad it was moved and not destroyed. Hopefully if any new development in the area , it will left alone and the family may continue resting in peace.

  4. I have pictures of this cemetery on a hill beside a big brick house. They were taken a distance away, but labeled this cemetery. They are in storage and hope to get pictures out of there soon.

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