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Four Generations of Klein’s

Four Generations of Klein’s

This beautiful photo was taken on March 11, 1925, presumably in Nebraska.  Caroline Klein, the matriarch of the family, was 65.  She was born Caroline Jungbluth, the daughter of immigrants, Adam Jungbluth, of Darmstadt, Germany, and Christine Becker, of Prussia, on October 11, 1859, in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  Caroline married George Klein, also from Darmstadt, October 25, 1881.  While working in a saw mill George suffered an accident, cutting off all four fingers of his left hand.  After this, he turned to farm work.  After a few years the family moved to Nebraska, where they first lived in a sod house.  The family eventually moved to Tabor, Iowa.

George and Caroline’s oldest son, Louis Henry Klein, is the second generation represented in the photo.  He was born May 9, 1883, in Wisconsin, and died August 20, 1969, in Dawson County, Nebraska.  He married Bertha Mary Kirkpatrick November 25, 1903.  They had three children, sons Wayne and Elmer, and one daughter, Blanche, born April 11, 1905, who is the third generation.

Blanche married Harvey Alexander Stevens, November 25, 1903, and they had three sons, one of which, Carroll, born March 27, 1924, is sitting on her lap in the photo, the fourth generation.


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