Family Stories

Annual Reunion of Old Soldiersof Washington County

from The Springfield Sun, Washington County, Kentucky

Wednesday, October 13, 1909

Annual Reunion

Of the Old Soldiers of Washington County Held Last Friday at Squire Hendren’s

The balmy weather of last Friday drew an immense crowd to the old soldiers reunion which was held in a grove on the place of Squire Nimrod Hendren near Willisburg.  It is estimated that 1,200 or 1,500 gathered to pay honor to the old soldiers and to enjoy the spirit of good fellowship which prevailed.  Veterans of the Mexican War and of the Federal and Confederate Armies of the Civil War and of the Spanish-American War were in attendance, all affilating and each vying with the other to show his American citizenship.

At noon a fine dinner was served to all who were in attendance and after some patriotic music Squire Hendren made some preliminary remarks, the roll was called and then the speaking began.  Patriotic addresses were made by Hon. J. W. Lewis, Rev. C. H. Bohannon, Hon. J. H. Graham and Rev. Simms.  all of the addresses were filled with patriotism and were heartily appreciated by the large crowd.

A committee was appointed to set a time for meeting next year.

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