Family Stories

Family Group Sheet for Vincent Lewis

Family Group Sheet for Vincent Lewis

Husband: Vincent Lewis
Birth: 19 Dec 1709 in Northumberland Co., VA
Death: 26 Jan 1797 in Loudoun County, VA
Marriage: 24 Feb 1730
Mother: Elizabeth Cox
Father: William Lewis

Wife: Ann Longworth
Death: Bef. 1797
Father: John Longworth


Name: John Lewis
Birth: 1731
Death: 1818
Marriage: 1754
Spouse: Elizabeth Brown

Name: Vincent Lewis
Birth: 1733
Death: 1766 in Loudoun County, VA

Name: Elizabeth Lewis
Birth: 1736
Spouse: Richard Keene

Name: William Joseph Lewis
Birth: 25 Feb 1740
Death: 1820
Marriage: 15 May 1766
Spouse: Catherine Jennings Linton

Name: George Lewis
Birth: 1743
Death: 1811
Spouse: Violet Gist

Name: Ann Lewis
Birth: 1746
Spouse: James Jennings

Name: Sarah Lewis
Birth: 1749
Spouse: William Stanhope

Name: James Lewis
Birth: 1754
Death: 1823
Marriage: Abt. 1775
Spouse: Elizabeth Berkeley

Name: Mary “Molly” Lewis
Birth: 1757
Death: 1775
Spouse: Henry Payne

Name: Charles Lewis
Birth: 1760
Death: 1843

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