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Will of William Moran, Sr.

This was one of the treasures I found while researching in Loudoun County, Virginia, in March of this year.  This is not the copy from the clerk’s book, but the actual will, with the signature of William Moran, Sr., my 5th great-grandfather.  His son, and namesake, William Moran, Jr., is buried in Washington County, Kentucky, with Captain John Linton, his father-in-law, in the Linton Cemetery.

I did want to mention that Elizabeth Moran, daughter of William, Sr., married William B. Cordell; and Mary R. Barber, wife of William, Sr., predeceased him by 2 years.

In the name of God, amen.

I, William Moran, Senr., of the County of Loudoun, and State of Virginia, do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say:

1st.  I confirm to the heirs of my son, John M. Moran, deceased, all the property I have heretofore given to their late father, in addition to which I bequeath to his issue as follows, namely, to Jane Lyon, wife of Alexander Lyon, fifty dollars, to Catherine Moran, fifty dollars, to Sarah Moran, fifty dollars, to Elizabeth Moran, one Negro child named Esther, a daughter of Esther’s (lately deceased), also one feather bed, bedstead, other furniture; to William Moran, fifty dollars, John Moran, fifty dollars and Richard Moran, fifty dollars, such of them as are now of the age of twenty-one years, to receive their respective legacies in twelve calendar months after my decease, those under that age to receive theirs at the times of their respectively becoming so.

2nd.  I confirm to my son William Moran, all the property I have heretofore given him.

3rd.  I confirm to my son, Edward B. Moran, all the property I have heretofore given him, but it is not my will and intention that this should extend to the Negroes he purchased of me when last in from Kentucky,

namely Lot and her daughter, Nancy, for the sum of six hundred dollars, and for which said sum of money he is accountable to the executors, as so much received in part of his share.

4th.  I confirm to my son Samuel Moran, all the property I have heretofore given him.

5th.  I confirm to my son Gustavus Moran all the property I have heretofore given him, in addition to which I add the lease of the farm on which I at present reside, also one Negro boy named Newton, one yellow boy named Alexander, son of Sall, one bed, bedstead and bed furniture, one young filly gotten by Mark’s horse, and if it should please Almighty God, to call me hence either in this present or any future year previous to the last day of October, in whatever year it may so happen, my said son, Gustavus Moran, is to have the use free of any expense of my wagon gear, plows and all plantation utensils whatsoever, and also of all the slaves and horses, now in my possession, until that time to finish his crop, which crop he is to have, and then a division of the property to take place.

6th.  I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth B. Cordell, one bed, bedstead and bed furniture, one case of old drawers.  I also bequeath to

the children of the said Elizabeth B. Cordell (whether born in my lifetime or afterwards), one Negro woman called Priss, and Negro girl named Sarah, daughter of said Priss and one Negro boy call Abraham, son of Priss, and also all said Priss’ future increase from this date, she being now in a state of pregnancy.  My said daughter Elizabeth B. Cordell to have the use of said Negroes for and during her natural life on condition of paying the yearly sum of one dollar to my executors, their heirs and assigns, to be dated from the time she has the use of said Negroes and the money to be applied to the benefit of said children, and after her decease, to be equally divided according to their value, amongst her children or their heirs.  My aforesaid daughter Elizabeth B. Cordell, to have no other interest whatever in any other Negro property in my possession.

7th.  It is my will and desire, that all the rest and residue of my property, after the last day of October in the year of my decease, and not before disposed of, be equally and impartially divided amongst my sons:  William Moran, Edward B. Moran, Samuel Moran and Gustavus Moran. Edward B. Moran being charged with sum of six hundred dollars, being the sum due for Negro Lot

and her child Nancy, by the other three, namely, William, Samuel and Gustavus, the Negroes to be appraised by disinterested persons and it is my particular request they do not dispose of any of them to Southern slave dealers, and if unfortunately any dispute arise respecting a division of the aforesaid property it is my desire that they shall not go to law, but leave it to the arbitration of two disinterested men, and it they two differ in opinion, the aforesaid two call in a third, whose decision shall be final.

Lastly I appoint my sons William Moran, Edward B. Moran and Gustavus Moran executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me heretofore made.  I likewise charge them with the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this 23rd day of January, in year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-three.                William Moran

Signed, sealed and acknowledged before us as his last will – Charles Stovin, John Lewis Stovin

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  1. You certainly have a wonderful treasure, thank you for sharing. Do you have a date of death for William Moran Sr. Do you have a date of birth for his wife. Mary Rebecca Barber. If I read this correctly, his wife deceased him 2 years prior,which was 1821. To confirm, I have his Wifes middle name as Rebecca, (you were the source) but in this record, it shows Mary A. Barber, so please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance

  2. Re questions in above comment, I forgot to check to be notified of answers to this post. Thanks Dottie Porter Himes

  3. Phyllis, Do you have a copy of the will of William Moran, Sr showing his son William Moran, Jr to be his son so that I can use it for my pedigree for membership into the DAR? If so, would it be on one of your cd’s? I would like to purchase it if possible. Do you have a copy of the marriage certificate for William and Susan? I also need a copy of that as well and was wondering if they might be on the same cd? I would truly appreciate your assistance with this. Sincerely, your long lost cousin Joy Sweigart from Missouri Moran’s.

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