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Burgin Family Bible Records

The following are bible records for the Burgin family of Mercer County, Kentucky.  I work for the  Burgin Board of Education in the little town of Burgin in Mercer County – was the town named for this family?  Yes, indeed.  In 1874 the Cincinnati Southern Railway received a right-of-way from Temple Burgin and opened Burgin Station.  The town was established in 1877.

Of the twelve children born to Temple Burgin and Sophia Oldham, only half lived to adulthood.  During an outbreak of scarlet fever in 1849 they lost 3 children in 16 days – just slightly over two weeks!  Can you imagine the sorrow of the household during that time period?  It is unimaginable to lose one child, much less three in such a short time!

Burgin Family Bible Records


  • Temple Burgin and Sophia Oldham were married the 27th of December, 1836
  • Narcissa Burgin married first Abram Smith – two children.  Second, James M. Jones in October 1857.
  • Ada Burgin married September 3, 1872, to J. M. Curd.  Three children, viz. Lillian, Wallace and Temple – Lillian Elliott died February 11, 1950.
  • Preston Burgin married Eugenia Starks November 1883 – 6 children, Anne, Sophia, Florence, Ike, Preston and John.


  • Temple Burgin was born October 20, 1805
  • Sophia Oldham was born May 22, 1816
  • Lucy Jane Burgin was born October 7, 1837
  • Narcissa Burgin was born July 11, 1839
  • Hannah Burgin was born May 29, 1841
  • Lavenia Burgin was born June 20, 1843
  • Ulysses Burgin was born January 2, 1845
  • Helen Burgin was born January 10, 1847
  • Ada Burgin was born February 18, 1849
  • Jefferson Burgin was born February 3, 1851
  • Preston Burgin was born January 25, 1853
  • Alice Burgin was born July 1, 1857
  • Johnny Burgin was born August 22, 1860
  • Sallie Burgin was born April 26, 1862
  • Lucy Burgin was born September 19, 1767.  She was Lucy Deatherage and the mother of Temple Burgin.
  • Florence Smith was born December 25, 1858, granddaughter of Temple Burgin
  • Mary C. Smith was born April 23, 1860, granddaughter of Temple Burgin.


  • Temple Burgin died May 8, 1884
  • Sophia Oldham Burgin died January 18, 1879
  • Lucy J. Burgin died of scarlet fever after seven days illness on the 2nd of June 1849
  • Narcissa Burgin Jones died July 11, 1921
  • Hannah Burgin died June 28, 1921
  • Lavenia Burgin died February 19, 1844, of inflamation of stomach and bowels
  • Ulysses Burgin died of scarlet fever after two days illness on the 18th of May 1849
  • Helen Burgin died of scarlet fever after seven days illness on the 28th of May 1849
  • Ada Burgin Curd died July 18, 1914
  • Jefferson Burgin died February 3, 1852
  • Preston Burgin died April 3, 1911
  • Alice Burgin died February 6, 1933
  • John Burgin died June 30, 1934
  • Sallie Burgin died February 16, 1881
  • Florence Smith died November 3, 1875
  • Mary Crews Smith died September 20, 1877
  • Thomas Burgin died August 29, 1831
  • Esom Burgin died April 1, 1823
  • Jane Winborn died April 1, 1838, sister of Temple Burgin

Family Negroes

  • Ostan was born November 26, 1853
  • Martha Ann was born February 17, 1854
  • James William was born January 29, 1856
  • Perry was born July 15, 1857
  • Carey was born July 29, 1859
  • Harriett was born August 8, 1860

Newspaper Clippings, Etc.

  • Temple Burgin and sophia Oldham’s marriage certificate (bond) dated 24th day of December 1836, proved by David D. Oldham – Temple Burgin of age.
  • Miss Sallie Burgin, born 1862, died 1881, was a pupil of Daughters College at the time of her death.
  • Mr. Preston Burgin died at his home, April 3, 1911, six miles north of Danville on the Shakertown Pike, of pneumonia, in his 48th year.  survivors include a wife and five children, a brother John Burgin of Kansas City, and four sisters, Hannah and alice Burgin, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Mattie Curd.
  • Mrs. Annie Oldham Wallace, age 85, died at her home South Broadway Park, interment in Lexington Cemetery.  She was born in Madison County in 1838, the daughter of David and Susan Chenault Oldham.  She married Caleb Manor Wallace of Woodford County, who died more than 50 years ago.  Survivors are two daughters and a son, Mrs. Waller Marshall, Mrs. R. L. Nash, D. M. Wallace.
  • John Burgin, 74 years old, retired Kansas City attorney, large land owner and member of one of the oldest families in Mercer County, died this afternoon (June 30, 1934) at the Burgin homestead at Burgin.  He graduated from Centre College and from the law department at the University of Virginia.  He lived in Kansas City, Missouri, until after the death of his father, Temple Burgin, and brother, Preston Burgin.

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  1. I love this family history–but need to tell you that there were 5 children of Preston and Eugenia Starks. Ike was Isaac Starks Burgin–when his father died, he was renamed William Preston Burgin. Ike and Preston is the same person. He was my grandfather.

  2. Thanks so much for posting the Burgin Family Bible transcription. I connect to this family via Abraham Smith, who m. Narcissa Burgin.

  3. I know this is a long shot but here it goes… I am trying to find additional information on Temple Burgin’s slaves, specifically Ostan by welcome information on any of them.
    Thank you!

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