William Linton Memorium

In Memorium

The Washington Post, July 6, 1890

The funeral of William Linton took place Saturday evening, June28, from his late residence, 1000 Twenty-Sixth Street Northwest.  The services were conducted by the Rev. Alfred Harding of St. Paul’s Church.  The interment was at Congressional Cemetery.  The active pallbearers were William MacFeely, H. B. Bennett, H. Clum, William H. Brawner, George A. Williamson, Llewllyn Washington, J. R. Garrison and Benjamin Miller.  By his request there were twenty honorary pallbearers, who had known him for many years.  The deceased was born at Stone Castle, Prince William County, Virginia, in 1823, and came to Washington in 1839.  In early life he was connected with the telegraph business when it was in its infancy.  In 1857 he received an appointment in the Third Auditor’s office, and in 1861 was promoted and transferred to the First Comptroller’s office and placed in charge of his room, which position he held to within a short time of his death.  As a fitting tribute to his memory many floral offerings were sent by his friends and fellow clerks, filling an entire carriage.  We can only add, in the words of one of his clerks, “That his long experience in the office, his fidelity to the Government, his honorable and upright character have won for him many friends,” friends who sincerely grieve that he is no more.  There are few to whom warmer wishes go by old associates and loving companions.  He was a stainless gentleman, a faithful friend, and an efficient and able officer.

“None knew him but to love him, Nor named him but to praise.”

By his Friends

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