Family Stories

Linton/Edwards Family Bible


This is the back side of a page from the Linton/Edwards family bible.  I have only two pages – but the information contained is priceless!  It must have been an Edwards bible at first, because the entries are earlier than my great-grandparents wedding on February 7, 1893 – Frances Barber Linton and Robert E. Lee Montgomery.

‘Margaret Hennesy departed this life January 5, 1909.’  She was affectionately known as Aunt Mag.  Margaret Ann Taylor was the daughter of John Cotton Taylor and Susan Clark Edwards, born June 8, 1836, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Mag’s mother Susan died four months later – so she never knew her – and was brought up with all the Edwards’ sisters of her mother.  Many of these Edwards’ ladies never married – and those that did (other than Martha) never had children.  So they were there to help John Taylor raise his four children – Catherine Elizabeth, Edward Edwards, Benjamin Springer and Margaret Taylor.  John Taylor married Susan Kimberlain in 1848 – twelve years after his first wife died.  About 1858 he decided to move to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.  Daughter Catherine had married Edward Edwards Linton by this time, and she remained in Washington County.  The other three children moved to Missouri with their father and step-mother, and two step-sisters.  Benjamin Springer Taylor married Martha Jane Janes before leaving, and she made the journey, too.  Life was not the best in Missouri.  By 1869 all had died except Benjamin, his three young children born there, his sister Margaret and his step-mother.  When Margaret got back to Kentucky she married David Hennessy.  They had no children, but were always there to take in orphaned nieces and nephews.

‘Catherine E. Linton departed this life May 29, 1910.’  Catherine is the older sister of Margaret.  Born Catherine Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of John Cotton Taylor and Susan Clark Edwards, January 13, 1830, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Catherine married Edward Edwards Linton on March 23, 1852.  They watched her family leave for Missouri and cared for the few that returned in 1870.  Catherine and Edward Linton had seven children:  Alice Clark, John Edgar, Annie Eliza, Margaret Gordon, Frances Barber, Mary Kell and Martha Susan Linton.

‘Laura Frances Montgomery departed this life December 10, 1912.’  Laura was the daughter of Frances Barber Linton and Robert E. Lee Montgomery.  Born December 4, 1897, in Washington County, she was only 15 when she died of tuberculosis.  What a tragedy!

‘J. Edgar Linton departed this life March 11, 1919.’  John was the only son of Catherine and Edward Linton.  He was born December 19, 1857, in Washington County.  John never married, lived out his days with his sister Alice, a spinster.  Since the other children of Catherine and Edward died young – before their 21st birthdays – John, Alice and Frances were the only three to live a long life.  They remained close until the end.

Family bibles give us so much information!  Save any sheets or scraps of paper you may find – you never know when they may answer a burning genealogy question!

Any thoughts?

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