Family Stories

Is This The Same Woman?


This photo was sent to me by Mary Lancaster of Logan County, Kentucky.  It was in a group of 48 that arrived in the mail last week!  This particular photo interests me because the woman looks exactly like the woman in two photos I bought in Clinton, Tennessee.  This was taken by Lawson Photographers in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  All three photos are cabinet cards.


The second and third photos were taken by Pratts Studio, E. C. Pratt Proprietor, corner of Batavia Avenue and First Street, Batavia, Illinois.  These are definitely the same women – the same dress, hairstyle, glasses – and hair pin/comb.  Compared to the first photo you can tell the woman is slightly older in these photos.  Her dress is still exquisite – and costly, I’m sure.  In the third photo you can see the delicacy in the lacework and ruching of her dress.


What is your opinion?  Is it the same woman or two different women?  Does anyone recognize this woman?  I would love to know her name!

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