Today In Genealogy History – April 24

Burkette Lewis Linton died 113 years ago – April 24, 1900 – in Logan County, Kentucky.  Burkette was the son of Benjamin Franklin Linton and Lucy Crewdson.  He and his brother, George Thomas Linton, were old bachelors.  George died one week before his brother Burkette – April 17, 1900.  I suppose he just couldn’t go on without him!  Burkette and George were the youngest of 12 children.  Their siblings were:  Mildred L., Moses Lewis, Nancy M., John, Thomas Crewdson, William Crewdson, Elizabeth, Benjamin Burkette, J. Newman and Lucy Crewdson Linton.  Burkette and George are buried at Bibb’s Chapel Cemetery in Logan County.

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  1. Phyllis: Any birthdates on these guys or any of the children of Benjamin F. and Lucy Crewdson Linton? Valerie

    • Benjamin Franklin Linton, born June 16, 1777
      Lucy Crewdson, born August 17, 1785
      Mildred L. Linton, born June 29, 1806
      Moses Lewis Linton, born April 12, 1808
      Nancy M. Linton, born November 8, 1809
      John Linton, born October 5, 1811
      Thomas Crewdson Linton, born October 4, 1813
      William Crewdson Linton, born October 7, 1815
      Elizabeth Linton, born August 11, 1817
      Benjamin Burkette Linton, born April 29, 1819
      J. Newman Linton, born May 16, 1821
      Lucy Crewdson Linton, born June 5, 1824
      Burkette Lewis Linton, born February 11, 1827
      George Thomas Linton, born October 8, 1829

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