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Spring – at Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg!


Spring has sprung in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Kentucky!  I’ve always thought this a most beautiful cemetery, but spring brings out color and life!  Ritchey and I visited Sunday after church, searching for a few gravestones to photograph for obituaries – for future postings! – and just enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon!


The sun was shining, a soft breeze was blowing and birds could be heard chirping away!  This dogwood is gorgeous!


The Sparrow’s grave was decked out with tulips – such a colorful statement!  Jack Sparrow, 1905-1995, May Matherly Sparrow, 1904-1989.


Redbuds were in abundance throughout the cemetery.


Many of the Confederate graves were adorned with tulips and daffodils.


Surgeon Wright, Georgia, Confederate States of America.


How many years has this tree bloomed, keeping watch over the graves it shades?


This Confederate soldier greets those who visit Spring Hill – in all its springtime glory!

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  1. Some cemeteries do a wonderful job with flowers. I love to take pictures there, but some think it’s creepy. I always try to be respectful and display the mood intended. I’d like to know that people in the future were reading my name and wondering who I may of been.

    • It’s not creepy – death is a part of life. Cemeteries are just remembrances of those loved ones who have passed on. I ponder about that too – will there be another genealogist – or anyone – in the years to come who stand before my grave and ask, now what kind of person was she?

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