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Here Comes the Bride . . .


It seems that last week was full of gravestone photos, obituaries and cemetery lists.  Let’s take a different approach and talk about weddings!  Look at this photo – the bride is quite beautiful in her white dress and veil, ruffles and flowers.  She looks a tiny thing beside her handsome groom.  The photo was taken by Harris Studios in Portsmouth, Ohio.  No name listed for the bride and groom.


The next photo is a bit more modern – I would say in the 30’s or 40’s.  The huge bouquets of the bride and her attendant are mirrored in the boutonnieres of the groom and best man.  This was taken by Guy’s Studio, 802 St. Germain, St. Cloud, Minnesota.


This double wedding photo looks as if the brides and the grooms are twins!  What do you think?  If not, they must at least be sisters and brothers!  I love the bouquets the ladies are holding!  The dresses are beautiful, and so are the women.  And the men are very dashing with their mustaches!


The veil and headpiece seem to take over the picture!  Wish we could get a better look at the dress!  Must be from the 20’s!  A lovely smile from the bride and a wry smile from the groom make this an enchanting photo!  This was taken by Elbrick Photographers in Nashville, Tennessee.


This last photo is unusual since both bride and groom are seated.  Doesn’t she look young?  She has a beautiful veil and dress.  The groom is very dapper in his white tie – perhaps just a bit nervous!  The photo was taken by Olson Photographers in Newman Grove, Nebraska.

I hope these weddings were happy occasions for the families involved, and that they lived to old age together.

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