Family Stories

Today In Genealogy History – May 23

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

Mark Manning married Margaret Herd 23 May 1798
Anthony Brown married Elizabeth Howard 23 May 1811
Peter Steuben married Catherine Shuck 23 May 1811
Joseph Leaton married Martha Bland 23 May 1826
John Smith married Lucretia Spalding 23 May 1831
Hilary Wells married Eliza Gabbhart 23 May 1831
John C. Weatherby married Mary Ann Barnett 23 May 1832
Elijah B. Adams married Nancy D. Myers 23 May 1834
David M. Beam married Margaret E. Phillips 23 May 1861
Henry Keeling married Sarah Ann Colvin 23 May 1861
John Sallee married Frances Ashley 23 May 1872
Davis Kays, Jr., married Lucy Dennis 23 May 1875
Stephen Anderson married Amanda Shanks 23 May 1876
John T. Brown married Margaret Salmon 23 May 1877

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