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Susan Lewis Bible – February 1837 – Price $4.50

This Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Eugene K. Thrawley of Houston, Texas.  Dorothy Thrawley was an enthusiastic genealogist with whom I corresponded for years before she passed away.  We fretted over the Linton’s and Edwards’, tried to solve the riddles of the past together.  How she would have loved the blog and the ease of sending information to each other in the computer age!  We typed letters and charts to send to each other!  And this was the Bible that held the clue to our relationship – well, at least my John Linton and her Catherine Linton – who were brother and sister!

  • Coleman Read, son of Andrew Read and Elizabeth, his wife, was born December 2, 1686
  • Coleman Read and Ruth, his wife, were married 1st of July, 1712.  Before marriage, Ruth Bragg.
  • Elizabeth Read, their daughter, born 17th June 1713, who intermarried with Thomas Brown, and Elizabeth their daughter intermarried with John Lewis, who was the father and mother of Daniel Lewis.
  • William Lewis emigrated from Wales and settled in Northumberland County, Virginia.  His son, William, moved to the south, and his son, Vincent, moved to Loudoun County, Virginia, and intermarried with Ann Longwith, and their oldest son, John Lewis, intermarried with Elizabeth Brown, father and mother to Daniel Lewis.
  • Joseph Lewis, son of Vincent Lewis, intermarried with Catherine Linton and their daughter, Susan, intermarried with Daniel Lewis on the 5th day of April, 1793, whose names and births are on the other side of this leaf.  Catherine Linton’s mother before marriage, Susan Hancock.
  • Daniel Lewis was born the 2nd day of August 1770, died the 13th day of September 1852, married 5th April, 1793.  Susan Lewis, his wife, was born the 10th of March 1773, died 16th of September 1845.
  • Linton Lewis was born 19th of April, 1794, died August, 1796.
  • Matilda Brown Lewis was born 23rd October, 1795, died 18th May, 1855.
  • Jonathan Davis Lewis was born 5th September, 1797
  • Alfred Linton Lewis was born 28th May, 1800
  • Mary Rebecca Lewis was born 19th November 1802, died 5th of April 1848
  • Elizabeth Catherine Lewis was born 31st December, 1805, died 6th of April 1814
  • John Joseph Daniel Lewis was born 28th May 1811, died 21st July 1885, married 6th March, 1838.
  • Emmerine Brewer Lewis, his wife, was born 7th December, 1813, died 10th February, 1871.
  • Susan Frances Lewis was born 30th July, 1841.
  • Jonathan Wood Berkeley was born 5th April 1833, died March 9th, 1887, married February 8th, 1860
  • Susan Frances Lewis, born July 30th, 1841, died September 4th, 1902.
  • Infant son of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley, born November 8th, 1870, died November 8th, 1870
  • Infant son of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley, born February 19th, 1873, died February 19th, 1873
  • Emma Lewis, daughter of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley, born March 22nd, 1878, died November 2nd, 1879.
  • John Minor was born November 16th, 1785
  • Fannie Minor, his wife was born December 7th, 1787
  • Louisa R. Minor was born April 1st, 1811
  • E. Lewis died February 10th, 1871
  • Emmorine Minor was born December 17th, 1813
  • John H. Minor was born December 7th, 1815
  • Elizabeth Minor was born May 24th, 1818
  • William F. Minor was born March 28th, 1823
  • James H. Minor was born July 6th, 1825
  • Fannie E. Minor was born January 20th, 1827
  • Ben F. Minor was born January 28th, 1829

A notarized Lewis Family Paper:

  • William Joseph Lewis was married to his wife Catherine Linton Lewis the 15th day of May, 1766.
  • Joseph Lewis was born February 25th, 1740
  • Catherine Linton Lewis was born September 27th, 1748
  • John Lewis, son of Joseph and Catherine, was born October 21st, 1767
  • Hannah E. Lewis, daughter of Joseph and Catherine, was born ? 11th, 1769
  • Joseph Lewis, son of Joseph and Catherine, was born on the ? day of 177?
  • Susanna Lewis, daughter of Joseph and Catherine, was born May 9th, 1773
  • Mary Lewis, daughter of Joseph and Catherine, was born June 15th, 1775
  • William Linton Lewis, son of Joseph and Catherine, was born December 8th, 1777
  • Note:  Hannah E. Lewis, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Lewis, shown in record above, married John Lewis, her cousin.  This John Lewis, husband of Hannah E. Lewis, was the founder of the town of Lewisport, Kentucky, sometime between 1815 and 1816.
  • Note:  William Linton Lewis, son of Joseph and Catherine, first came to Nelson County, Kentucky, in the year 1815.  Thence to Hancock County, Kentucky, sometime between 1815 and 1816.
  • (William Linton Lewis was the great-great-grandfather of Mildred Dowell Woznuck and Dorothy Hodges Thrawley.)

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  1. Thanks so much! I saw that bible after corresponding with Dorothy Hodges Thrawley myself. (We were cousins in at least 2 ways). In 1995 I finally went down to meet her at the retirement community where she lived in Black Mt, NC. And, yes, she “fretted”, as you say, like about bibles she hadn’t succeeded in getting. While there I went through those metal file cabinets of hers. Thanks to her I answered a number of mysteries.
    First and foremost to our immediate Davis family: Through Dorothy’s files I discovered the location of the original “Old Davis Place”, the log cabin built in 1805 by Vincent Davis and Mary Linton Lewis Davis. Then, back in KY, not only did I find it, but I found the remains of their Davis family grave yard, many tombstones still there, although decimated by a later owner needing flat rocks for pavement, the present owners told me. No matter … that was one of those miracle moments genealogists dream of after looking so long and hard for that place.
    The other resolved issue had to do with where the 6 children of Capt. William Joseph Lewis and Catherine Linton Lewis lived and who they were. Joseph Lewis stayed in VA where he was a 7-term delegate. He was of interest because my dad and aunt inherited a portrait of him. Family legend called him “Uncle Joe”; nobody knew who that was, though. Eldest brother John Lewis had passed away before the KY migration. Hannah E. Lewis Lewis went to Hancock Co, KY with her husband/cousin John Lewis. My Mary Linton Lewis with husband/cousin Jonathan Davis (in 1805) and her sister Susan/Susanna with husband/cousin Daniel Lewis went to Nelson Co. as did so many other siblings, cousins and former Loudoun Co. neighbors. Dorothy’s William Linton Lewis, the baby in the family, came and left in 1815, it appears just to visit his various family members “for a spell”. From there he made his permanent move to Hancock Co, the general area where Dorothy originated.
    I do know that Mary was not only close to sister Susan, who wrote the Will, but also to Hannah with whom she remained in close contact via mail. This evidence I found during that NC trip at Duke University Historical Library in the Davis file (letters) and from passages in a Hancock Co.-published book about Hannah Lewis. I say this because Hannah was enormously lonely without family nearby, with John gone a lot and often with only slaves as companions. Dorothy and I surmised that it must have been of great comfort once family members like brother William Linton Lewis and various other cousins started moving close by.

    • I am another distant cousin of Dorothy Thrawlely. Unfortunately (for me), I did not run across this interesting woman until she was quite advanced in years. It has been a couple of year since Dorothy passed away in NC. I know that she carefully preserved her family research papers and that she probably arranged for them to be donated to a library somewhere before she died. But I do not know where they are. Does anybody have any idea where she might have left them and whether others might gain access to them? If you have any information about her papers, please contact me.

      • David, this is just a lead and all I know. In 1996 Dorothy said she planned to leave “her daughter” those 2 metal file cabinets … plus more, no doubt; I think there were other materials nearby.
        Dot … (as some of the old timey genealogists called her 40+ yrs ago) … also had a collection of great books gathered over the decades, like the one I borrowed about Hancock Co, KY history, including chapters re. Hannah Lewis Lewis & John Lewis, for whom Lewisport was named).
        Now, at the time, her daughter lived in their home county (Hancock?). She was going to keep everything “in her basement”. Maybe the plan was for the daughter to eventually give her mother’s materials to a museum. Let’s hope so. Hope, too, you can track it down.

  2. Here are a couple more leads, even if I don’t have Dorothy’s daughter’s name. First, check with the HANCOCK CO HISTORICAL SOCIETY to see what they may know about Dorothy Hodges (Mrs. Eugene) Thrawley’s materials. Most logical place to start.

    Second, there’s a Presbyterian retreat center near Black Mt. NC close to where she lived called Montreat. It has a wonderful HISTORICAL LIBRARY Dorothy introduced me to and which I used a great deal while there. Why? Because so many of the Loudoun Co, Va LEWIS kin arrived in KY 200 yrs ago as Presbyterians. It was amazing how much KY info was there!!!

    • Thanks. You have given me at least three possible leads. I regret never meeting this woman. I am pretty sure that she corresponded with my aunt or grandmother, both now gone, many years ago.

  3. Has anyone found Dorothy’s research yet?????

    UPDATE: As of recent, distant cousin LEE LEWIS (also close contact/friend of Dorothy’s I met through Dorothy), still hasn’t tracked down her research. My last suggestion is to contact her retirement community in Black MT, NC who disposed of her possessions. Contact me back (as an incentive) & I promise I’ll find that address for you. I can still picture it. I had more than one dinner there.

    CORRECTION: I thought she said “daughter”. LEE LEWIS informed me Dorothy had no DAUGHTER?? That it would have had to have been her NIECE?

  4. I have been in contact with a woman who was Dorothy Thrawley’s great niece. She indicated that her Aunt looked after Dorothy during her last years and may know what became of Dorothy’s materials. She told me she would speak to this aunt and try to find something out. I have not yet heard whether she learned anything. Stay tuned.

      • Please let me know too. Will pass it on to Lee Lewis, who’s been searching for years.

        BTW, Lee’s DNA test indicated our LEWIS family (one of 6, three of whom are related last time I checked)… is not related to the ‘aristocratic’ LEWISES… of Meriwether LEWIS & William Clark fame … (of Albamarle Co, childhood friend of Thomas Jefferson who sent them out west)

      • Yes, I know that the Warner Hall Lewis family (Gloucester Co.) and the Northumberland Co. Lewis family have no known connection. Actually, my great grandfather (KY) was descended from both families – one through each parent. Lee Lewis and I live about two miles apart here in Charlottesville, VA. He has been very generous in sharing his Lewis family research. If I ever locate Dorothy Thrawley’s papers and have permission, I certainly will post the information on the KY Kindred website. Have a good Thanksgiving.

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