Morgan’s Raider and Catholic Priest


In the Frankfort Cemetery, Franklin County, Kentucky, this grave sits atop a small mound, away from other graves.  It is the final resting place of Rev. Thomas S. Major, born July 13, 1844, the son of George Major and Mary Martha Bowman.


At the bottom of the gravestone it reads “A member of John Morgan’s Command, C.S.A.”  Thomas fought for the Confederates during the Civil War, participating in the many raids in which General Morgan led his men – even to my hometown of Lebanon, Kentucky, where they burned the court house in 1863.

When wounded during one of these raids, Thomas Major was nursed back to health by the Sisters of Mercy.  The good sisters definitely left their mark – not only in saving this man’s life – but their goodness and faith in the Lord made Thomas Major vow to become a Catholic priest – which he did!


Thomas S. Major was ordained a priest November 14, 1875, and was appointed pastor of Good Shepherd Church, in Frankfort, in August 1895.  He died August 22, 1911.  Morgan’s raider and Catholic priest – not a combination you read about every day!


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