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Today In Genealogy History – June 10

Edith Margaret Klein and Francis Sumber Ritchey (my Ritchey’s grandparents!) were married 103 years ago – June 10, 1910 – in Fillmore County, Nebraska.  Edith was the daughter of George Klein and Caroline Jungbluth.  Francis was the son of Charles Henry Ritchey and Lucinda Amanda Jewell.  Edith and Francis had 8 children:  Bernice, Earl, Mildred, Arthur, Helen Margaret, Merna, Vivian Eleanora and Merlin Ritchey.  They lacked 16 days of being married 60 years when Francis passed away May 25, 1970.

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  1. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Phyllis -Nice to see this post. I need to correct some data in my files, based on this.Sometime I would be interested in getting birth/death dates on Edith’s children and any other information you might be able to share. I had not looked for a while at my mother’s book, but I’m reminded that she had absolutely no information on Frank & Edith and their family…. most unusual. She had quite a bit on the rest of the family.June 10 happens to be a special day in our house as well…. Jody and I became engaged 46 years ago today and were married 6 months later on Dec 10, which was my parents 31st anniversary.Ron

  2. I know that this is an old thread. But, I came across it while searching for my grandfather’s obituary. If you are looking for information on Merlin Ritchey’s family. I don’t know a lot of the sibling information. But, I can trace down to myself. There is good documentation on Merlin’s [first] wife’s family, which may also include some of the Ritchey information.

    • Merlin is my husband’s uncle. Ritchey was given his mother’s maiden name – Vivian Eleanora Ritchey. I was so sorry to hear of the death of Uncle Merlin. I met him at the funeral of Aunt Myrna some years back. He was delightful! Please accept my sympathy.

  3. My mother was Norma Jean Ritchey,my grandmother was Edith’s daughter from a previous marriage her name was Lucille Ross Iiams. My grandfather was Everett Ritchey a nephew of Francis who my
    Grandmother divorced. My Grandmother died at age 29 when my mother was 6, my mother and her brother Calvin ended up in an orphanage in South Dakota, since this was during the depression. She considered all of Edith and Frank’s children to be her aunts and uncles, in fact Uncle Merlin was younger than her. Just adding another branch to the tree.

  4. I had my grandmother’s maiden name wrong it was Montross. My Great Grandfather was Elmer Ritchey.

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