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Miscellaneous Kentucky Newspaper Clippings

Miscellaneous Kentucky Newspaper Clippings

D. W. Thompson, of Cincinnati, and Mary N. Farra were married in Jessamine County, at the home of David Neal, September 28, 1881.

J. Richard Johnson and Lillie Wells, daughter of S. W. Wells, were married in Lawrenceburg December 1, 1881.

Mr. Benjamin Passmore, age 87, died at Harrodsburg December 2, 1881.

William Gregory and wife of Burgin have a new son, William, born December 6, 1881.

Thomas Burns and Maggie McCarty, of Harrodsburg, were married at Gilcher’s Hotel, Danville, December 14, 1881.

Mrs. Elizabeth Neff, of Nevada, died at her home December 19, 1881.

Mrs. Parthenia Wright, wife of J. Monroe Wright, of McAfee, died December 21, 1881.

E. G. Krakau, age 40, died at his residence December 18, 1881.

Mrs. John Springer, age 83, died at the home of her son, C. P. Springer, December, 1881.

W. D. Dearinger and Sallie Beckman were married December 28, 1881.

Judge Thomas Edwards died January 31, 1882, at the home of his son, W. W. Edwards of Harrodsburg.

Lambert D. Brewer was born July 16, 1802, and died January 31, 1882, a member of New Providence Presbyterian Church since August 25, 1826.

John Wesley Cardwell died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lula Reed, on February 9, 1882, age 74.

Dr. William Magoffin, youngest son of Beriah and Jane McAfee Magoffin, died February 25, 1882, at the residence of his brother, Ex-Governor, Beriah Magoffin.  His wife, the former Miss Anna Patterson of Georgia, preceded him in death.

John Q. Marimon died suddenly on Friday night, February 24, 1882.

In March 1882, Dr. Christopher C. Graham of Louisville, Kentucky, aged 98, formerly proprietor of Harrodsburg Springs, made affidavit that he was present at the marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks in Washington County, Kentucky.

Rebecca Neal, age 73, wife of David Neal of Jessamine County, died May 19, 1882.

Rev. John Hamilton died May 31, 1882, leaving a wife and large family of children.  Burial at Perryville.

On June 17, 1882, the annual reunion of the Soldiers of 1812 was held at Paris, Kentucky.  Eight from Kentucky answered the roll-call, including:  M. Berry, Scott County, age 86; R. M. Campbell, Nicholas County, age 89; J. G. Chinn, Fayette County, age 88; Samuel Jones, Paris, age 90 and Thomas White, Paris, age 90.  Nine have dropped from the ranks since last year, including:  J. E. Parker, Fayette County, age 85; Leslie Combs, Fayette County, age 88; Captain John Edmondson, Mercer County, age 96; Peter Force, Henry County, age 99; George Davis, Mercer County, age 86; Innis Payne, Newport, age 89; James McMillan, Madison County, age 91; Joshua Webb, Madison County, age 90; Elias Hudnutt, Mason County, age 88.

Mrs. Jane H. Kyle, born in Mercer County in 1807, daughter of John Glover, and widow of Andrew G. Kyle, died July 30, 1882.

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