Emily Huff Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, January 8, 1915

Angel of Mercy on Perryville Battlefield Passes Away

Mrs. Emily Huff, aged 91, died Saturday at the home of her son, Mr. Tilford Huff, in the west end of the county.  The funeral services were held at Bruner’s Chapel Sunday, Rev. W. D. Moore officiating, and the interment was in Spring Hill Cemetery in this city.  Mrs. Huff was noted for her hospitality and goodness of heart and was loved by all her neighbors.  When the Battle of Perryville took place around her home she was an angel of mercy to the wounded soldiers and many in pain were eased into eternal rest by her, and many owed heir lives to her ministering.  The morning after the great battle she was out on the field of carnage and felt someone pull at her dress skirt as she passed by.  Looking down she saw a Confederate soldier whom she had thought dead, who could just barely speak.  He was wounded in the chest and he pleaded with her between moans to put a clean shirt on him as his garment was matted and stiff with blood.  She did so, and saw that he was carried into a house near by.  He finally recovered and returned to his home in Georgia.  Several years afterward he wrote to her, thanking her for her care, and saying that he always felt that he owed his life to her.  Mrs. Huff carried her kindly Christianity all through her long life and leaves a record of many good deeds.  Besides her son, Mr. Tilford Huff, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. J. T. Watts, of Boyle County.

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  1. Emily Shackelford Huff was my great grandmother. I never knew her but my mother always spoke of her with love. She said she was a small but spunky woman and that her own father James Thomas Watts consulted his mother in law Emily Huff about financial affairs. I have always heard her called “the Angel of the battlefield” and am very proud to be her greatgrand daughter.

  2. Thank you so much. I am the daughter of Sarah Beatrice Watts (Vance) daughter,12th and youngest child of Gillie Huff Watts (Mrs. J.T. Watts) of Boyle County. Marilyn

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