Family Stories

Garrard County Marriage Records

Garrard County, Kentucky – Marriage Records

John B. Alverson, age 58, widower, born in Madison Cty, married Margaret Champ, age 47, single, born in Madison Cty 01 Jul 1856
William Davis, age 24, farmer, married Lucy Simpson, age 19, married in the home of Charles Simpson 02 Feb 1874
George Davis, age 26, single, born in Madison Cty, married Manna Maston, single, born in Jessamine Cty. 06 Jan 1854
Jackson Davis, age 18, single, married Lucinda Baker, age 18, single 12 Feb 1854
Thomas Ellison, age 25, single, married Margaret Simpson, age 17 12 Jun 1585
George W. Epperson married Nancy Hamilton, bondsman Isom Hamilton, bond 11 Aug 1823
James Epperson married Rebecca Teater, bondsman George Teater, bond 20 Jul 1808
Larkin C. Epperson married Mary Dickerson, bondsman Hiram Dickerson, bond 13 Jan 1841
Martin Evans, age 36, single, born in Ireland, married Sarah Taylor, age 29, single 27 Dec 1857
Thomas Evans, age 21, single, married Martha Bogey, age 16, single, born in Madison Cty 29 Sep 1854
Ambrose Evans married Polly Pulliam, bondsman William Egerton, bond 28 Apr 1823
Francis Evans married Elizabeth Withers, bondsman Thomas Ball, bond 16 Dec 1834
Jesse Evans married Rowena Withers, bondsman Thomas Ball, bond 17 Mar 1834
John Evans married Polly Hubbard, bondsman and bride’s father William Hubbard, groom’s mother Rebecca Evans, bond 11 Nov 1817
John Evans married Rachel Baker, bondsman Charles Baker, bond 31 Mar 1817
Joseph Evans married Nancy Hite, bondsman William Owsley, bride’s mother Hannah Jackman, bond 03 Apr 1806
Lemon Evans married Mary Murphy, bondsman and groom’s father Hezekiah Evans, bond 10 Feb 1845
Samuel G. Evans married Mary Ann Lusk, bondsman Spencer G. Dabney, bond 05 Aug 1848
Solomon Evans married Polly Brown, bondsman John Holland, bond 13 Jun 1818
William J. Evans married Nancy Wilson, bondsman James D. Cosby, bond 11 Apr 1835
George Ewing married Elizabeth Wallace, bondsman James P. Wallace, bond 31 Oct 1797
Thomas Ewing married Ann Vaughan, bondsman Peter Faulkner, bond 18 Oct 1821

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