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Felix H. Van Nort Biography

from Hardin County, Kentucky – Biographies

Felix H. Van Nort was born December 15, 1834, in Nelson County, Kentucky, six miles south of Bardstown, where he remained until twelve years of age.  He then removed to Hardin County, Kentucky, where he grew to manhood.  At the age of thirty-three he removed to La Rue County, where he remained two years, at the expiration of which time he returned to Hardin County, to Deergrove, and there resided eight years, and from there to his father’s old homestead, near Long Grove, on the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad, where he now resides.  Felix H. Van Nort’s father, John H. Van Nort, was born in the State of New Jersey in 1799.  The mother of F. H. Van Nort, Gilley (Rogers) Van Nort, was born near Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, February 8, 1800.  Their union resulted in the birth of nine children – three daughters and six sons:  William Van Nort, James J., Mary A., Margaret, Felix H., Green B., Lloyd, Marthia and Isaac Van Nort.  John H. Van Nort followed the occupation of a farmer during life, in which he was successful.  Felix H. was married to Mary C. Collings April 19, 1870.  She was born in La Rue County, four miles from Hodgensville, January 17, 1841.  Both received their education at the common schools.  Felix H. Van Nort engaged in farming and dealing  in stock, in which he has been successful.  He has a farm of 200 acres, of which 150 are in cultivation.  His parents were members of the Baptist Church for a third of a century.

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