Marriages – Schuyler County, Illinois

Marriage Licenses Issued for February 1860

Schuyler County, Illinois

  • Elijah Peacock and Mary Evaline Pendarvis – February 2, 1860
  • Jonathan Howell and Susan Stootsman – February 3, 1860
  • James Ryan and Mary Jemima Hume – February 6, 1860
  • Justice J. Babcock and Harriet Carson – February 8, 1860
  • James M. Atkinson and Elizabeth Tyree – February 9, 1860
  • Samuel Chadwick and Jane Laire – February 10, 1860
  • Edmund Dewitt and Rebecca Ellen Snyder – February 11, 1860
  • J. S. Thomas and Adaline F. Wilcox – February 13, 1860
  • Francis M. Patten and Mary Gaddess – February 14, 1860
  • James Pardum and Sarah Ellen Foster – February 15, 1860
  • Andrew H. Bridgewater and D. H. Newell – February 15, 1860
  • George Washington Griggs and Charlotte Hobbs – February 18, 1860
  • Hamilton Lewton and Mary M. Lock – February 18, 1860
  • E. B. Hollingsworth and Nancy M. Green – February 21, 1860
  • Jasper Wilson and Phoebe Jane Weir – February 22, 1860
  • George Soole and Martha Gobble – February 27, 1860
  • Thomas E. Allen and Eliza Phillips – February 28, 1860

Married – Upson-Poe – by the Rev. John Clarke, at the house of D. R. Davis, Esq., Mr. Alonzo Upson to Miss Margaret L. Poe; all of this county.  With the above announcement came a generous printers fee of cake, and of a quality too that would put to shame many who boast of their skill in culinary affairs.  There was a large party at Mr. Davis’ house and the occasion is said to have been one of genuine enjoyment – Our best compliments to Mrs. Davis and hearty good wishes to Mr. Upson and lady.  The Schuyler Citizen, January 4, 1860.

Married – Sheasley-Garrison – on the 1st of January, 1860, at the bride’s fathers near Rushville, by Elder C. Linscott, Mr. Aaron Sheasly and Miss Margaret B. Garrison.  The happy pair will please accept the thanks of this office for a superb cake attending this notice, on which the name of the bride was skillfully displayed in letters formed from candied coriander seed.  This gift was doubly relished from being presented by fair hands.  We shall look for another cake ere long.  The Schuyler Citizen, January 4, 1860.

Married – Peter-Seeley – by the Rev. S. E. Wishard, on Thursday, the 5th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. Augustus Peter and Miss Sarah Seeley, daughter of Matthew Seeley, all of this place.  The Schuyler Citizen, January 11, 1860.

Married – Tozier – in Cass County, Nebraska, by A. L. Child, Esq., the two sons and three daughters of the late Rollin T. Tozier, vis.:  Charles T. Tozier and Zerilda P. Mayfield; Henry H. Tozier and Abby F. Saylor; Miss Harriet Tozier and Imle Coulson; Miss Caroline Tozier and John W. Robertson; and Miss Mary Jane Tozier and Reuben W. Gilleland.  All good Republicans and united to Republican partners.  We hope, after this, never to hear even an insinuation of disunion sentiments in Nebraska.  The Schuyler Citizen, February 8, 1860.

Married – Babcock-Carson – on Wednesday evening, February 8, at the house of the bride’s father (William Carson), by Rev. S. E. Wishard, Mr. J. J. Babcock to Miss Hattie Carson.  In common with a large circle of friends we united in wishing joy and many years of happiness to the happy couple, on last Wednesday evening, and we can now only add the wish that their love may increase with their years, and that, having spent a lifetime together doing good, they may at last be gathered to their father’s as a shock of corn fully ripe.  The Schuyler Citizen, February 15, 1860.

Married – Howell-Stutsman – At the bride’s father, on Thursday, the 9th, by the Rev. John Welker, Mr. Jonathan Howell and Miss Susan Stutsman The Schuyler Citizen, February 15, 1860.

Married – Dewitt-Snyder – on Tuesday evening the 14th inst., at the residence of Mr. William Snyder, by Rev. James Dewitt, Mr. Edmund Dewitt and Miss Rebecca Ellen SnyderThe Schuyler Citizen, February 22, 1860.

Married – Thomas-Wilcox – at the Campbell House on the 14th inst., by Rev. S. E. Wishard, Dr. J. S. Thomas to Miss Addie F. Wilcox, all of Bernadette, Fulton County, Illinois.  The Schuyler Citizen, February 22, 1860.

Married – Bridgewater-Newell – on the 16th inst., at the house of the bride’s father, by Rev. William H. Middleton, Mr. Andrew M. Bridgewater to Miss Desdemona H. Newell, all of Schuyler County.  The Schuyler Citizen, February 22, 1860.

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