Old Harrodsburg Cemetery


In trying to find the perfect gift for my husband for Christmas, I didn’t realize I was doing myself a very big favor!  Ritchey’s gift was a Magellan Explorist Geocaching GPS.  He and our son, Linton, love to hike.  I thought this would be a wonderful device to mark paths, find his way, tell how far they hiked, elevation, etc.  I must add that my idea of a hike is about two miles – they hike for 11 or 12 hours.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure what Ritchey would think about the geocaching aspect, but he has fallen in love with it.  Now to my point, he has found many, many small cemeteries in our own Mercer County that I never knew!  And evidently there are many listed in other counties!  Can you imagine the possibilities?

The first mentioned was the Old Harrodsburg Cemetery (sometimes called the Magoffin Cemetery) located in downtown Harrodsburg at the corner of Magoffin and Marimon!  I had no idea this cemetery existed!  It was in use for about 20 years, then abandoned in 1860.  Most graves were moved to the new cemetery – Spring Hill – located on Greenville Street in town.  The property for the old cemetery was given by the family of Kentucky’s Civil War governor, Beriah Magoffin, Jr.  Because the cemetery was on a hillside – and the bodies had to be placed with the head downhill to face east, as was the custom at the time – made it less than desirable as a place for burial.  When we arrived there were a few stones left, and these I present to you today.


Mary, wife of David Board, born July 25, 1801 – died, October 18, 1875

I’m sure you’re first comment would be – but she died after 1860.  It was mine, also.  I just present what I find.


Jacob Mitchell, born February 6, 1793 – died September 3, 1872.  A soldier in the War of 1812.


Hilton J. Demaree, US Army, WWII, July 22, 1933 – February 25, 1993


The large central stone contains no writing.


Loved this tree – even without leafage it’s magnificent.  Perhaps that was the reason for choosing this spot for a cemetery.


Ritchey checking his coordinates!

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  1. Nice! Two things. One, I have digitized all of the Central KY area for Maprika, a smartphone app and cloud-based map data solution, and also posted a tutorial about how to add your own maps to it. Second, I have a Google Earth import file for KY which has hundreds of cemeteries, including small family ones. If anyone wants more info visit http://www.detecting.us and get in touch. The tutorial is here: http://www.detecting.us/2012/10/30/using-maprika-for-metal-detecting/

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