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Today In Genealogy History – January 7

Richard Milton Keene was born 161 years ago – January 7, 1853 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Richard was the son of Richard Keene and Susan Linton Moran.  He married Elizabeth Ann Wheatley in 1873.  Richard and Elizabeth had 11 children:  Joseph Edward, Richard, James William, Stephen, Margaret Mary, Annie I, Charles J., Henry B., Theresa May, Martha and Agnes Keene.

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  1. I am working on becoming a member of the DAR, have my records all the way to Henry E and Nancy Brown Moran. I have records of the Moran’s from Md and Virginia when Gabriel came from Co Claire Ireland what I don’t have are records tieing Henry E to my family here in Mo so that I can present the records for membership. Do you know how I go about getting records of Henry E and Nancy Moran and how to tie them together. Any advise you can share with me would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Joy

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