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CDV Couple Photos – 1870-1896

Photos taken in Vienna, Austria

The following photos were taken in Austria – between the years of 1870-1896.  The couples in these photos are quite handsome – some in traveling clothes and others in dress attire.  Enjoy moments from a time long ago!


Gisela and Alfred V. Rarrel, photo taken in 1896 by L. Grillich in Wahring, Austria – in northwestern Vienna, on the edge of the Vienna Woods.  On back in German – To dear Pintschi at Christmas 1896.


Could this be a wedding photo – that’s a very large bouquet!  Josef and Antonia Orebhueff – very difficult to read!  Taken in 1875.


Josef Kuntner and Frosrt – very difficult to read!  Taken by Julius Gertinger, Margarethenstrasse, Vienna, 1875.


This woman’s outfit is exceptional – from the well-fitting coat to the lovely travel skirt, to the fur muff she carries and the bonnet perched on her head!  Photo taken by A. Huber in Vienna, March 18, 1892.


These two look ready for a night on the town!  Perhaps a night at the opera?  Photo taken in Vienna by Jean Herbst.  Date on back of card 1868.


Definitely an 1870’s photo!  This dress is amazing – ruffles, ruching, added trim and, of course, the bustle!  Both the man and woman have extraordinary hair!  Taken in Vienna by Joh. Hahn.

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  1. The photos are a real find. They are lovely and give a real feel for a moment in life in Old Vienna, Thank you for sharing.
    Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

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