Ignatius A. Spalding Biography

Perrin’s County of Union, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical, 1884

Ignatius A. Spalding, one of the most prominent and influential lawyers of the grand old county of Union, is the only son of Ignatius A. and Ann (Huston) Spalding.  Subject’s father, one of the most prominent men of his day, was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, in 1790, and has been twice married; first in 1828, to Miss Jane Pottinger of Daviess County, who bore the following children:  Samuel, Robert A. and Allethaire, all prominent citizens of this county.  Mr. Spalding was among the first settlers of the county, having settled in Morganfield in 1820, and was one of the leading merchants of the county.  He was a member of the Constitutional Convention that framed the Constitution of the State of Kentucky.  Besides this, he was a prosperous farmer and stockman.  He died at his home in Morganfield in 1852.  Subject’s mother was born in North Carolina in 1795, and died in Morganfield in 1877, aged eighty-two years.  Subject’s paternal grandparents were Benedict and Allethaire (Abell) Spalding, both born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  His maternal grandfather was William Huston, who was born in the city of Philadelphia, and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War under General Washington.  For many years he represented Washington County in the Senate and legislature.  Subject’s maternal grandmother was Susanna (Allen) Huston, born in Petersburg, Virginia.

Our subject was born in the town of Morganfield on December 3, 1833, and here received some six years’ training in the common schools of the county, after which he went to St. Joseph’s College at Bardstown, Kentucky, for four years.  In 1853, at the age of twenty, he was married to Miss Susan A. Johnson at Owensboro, in Daviess County, Kentucky.  Mrs. Spalding was born in Daviess County and is the daughter of John and Lucy (Huston) Johnson.  Mr. Spalding has four children:  J. J., a promising young lawyer now living in Atlanta, Georgia, married Bettie Hughes, daughter of Hon. D. H. Hughes, and has one child; Lucy C., who married Milton Young, the famous stockman of Fayette County, and has two children.  Sue Ellen is at home and Ann, the youngest, is at school at St. Vincent’s Academy.

In politics Mr. Spalding is a Democrat, and was elected to the State Senate in 1867.  He was also one of the Court House Commissioners.  His political importance in this county was first seen to clear advantage when, in 1885, his party nominated him for the Legislature without any canvass on his part, and in the face of a very active canvass on the part of another of Union’s worthiest sons.  Mr. Spalding accepted the nomination, and made a vigorous canvass, received a flattering vote, and made a magnificent race for the Speakership of the Lower House, as the choice of Western Kentucky.  He is now one of the State Railroad Commissioners.  He owns 260 acres of land, 100 of which is cultivated, and has a beautiful home in the south part of Morganfield.  Born in the Catholic church, Mr. Spalding has always shown himself a true son of Mother Church.  Through his exertions mainly, St. Ann’s was built in Morganfield.  Mr. Spalding’s address is pleasant and engaging, from from affectation and yet dignified.  He impresses his auditors with the idea that a very sincere man is saying things in a wonderfully telling manner, and carries them with him, unless they are firmly predisposed against his arguments.

One thought on “Ignatius A. Spalding Biography”

  1. I was very interested in your article about the Spalding family. I worked here in Atlanta in the Spalding Medical Building on Peachtree Street at one time and am familiar with the Hughes Spalding Pavillion at Grady Hospital here. I explored the Spalding family and found some interesting information. The Jack Johnson Spalding born 1856 KY died here in Atlanta, GA in 1938. He was a prominent lawyer, founded the King-Spalding law firm, He was also a leader in business and Church affairs. He had a son Hughes Spalding and his grandson John P.Spalding is currently a prominent lawyer who is affiliated with Cox Communications in Atlanta. This company owns newspapers, television stations etc. All three men have been prominent lawyers, civic leaders and supporters of the Catholic Church. I really enjoyed being able to take this family a few generations further into the present day. Marilyn

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