Smith/McCann Family – Spring Hill Cemetery

IMG_0066Smith/McCann Family Gravestone

Four sides of a large gravestone in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky, contain the history of the Smith/McCann families.

IMG_0070 Abraham and Nancy Smith

Abraham Smith, son of Zachariah Smith and Sarah Ann Watts, was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, April 13, 1791, and died there January 1, 1865.  He served in the War of 1812.  Abraham married Nancy Smith January 25, 1816.  Nancy was the daughter of William Smith, born May 23, 1795, and died April 23, 1883.


Joanna P. Smith and Joseph Milton McCann

Joanna P. Smith, daughter of Abraham and Nancy, was born about 1826 in Mercer County.  She married Joseph Milton McCann September 28, 1844.  Joanna was widowed at the young age of 33.  Joseph Milton McCann was born August 3, 1823 and died October 9, 1859.  Joanna died May 20, 1883, less than a month after her mother.  By that time she had lost both parents, her husband and one of her sons.  Perhaps her mother’s death was more than she could bear.

IMG_0068Brothers, Joseph M. McCann and Abraham Smith McCann

Joseph and Abraham were children of Joanna Smith and Joseph Milton McCann, grandchildren of Abraham and Nancy Smith.  Joseph M. McCann was born August 3, 1845 and died June 15, 1869.  Abraham Smith McCann was born about 1848 and died March 28, 1898.

IMG_0069Nannie Smith and Josie Powell

The fourth side of the gravestone is very difficult to read.  I did make out the two names, but not the dates.  Nannie Smith was a daughter of Abraham and Nancy Smith, and sister of Joanna Smith McCann.  Nannie remained single.  According to the 1900 census for Mercer County she was still alive, living with a brother-in-law.  I’m not sure how Josie Powell fits into the family, but she could very well be a granddaughter of Abraham and Nancy Smith.

Any thoughts?

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