Cora Marcella Rudd

Scan_Pic1320 2What a darling little girl!  Look at the beautiful white dress and knitted booties!  May I introduce you to Cora Marcella Rudd, born July 24, 1921, in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota, to Minor Wilson Rudd and Della Rudd.  This photo was taken by Hanes Studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, November 24, 1921 – Cora was 4 months old!

Cora married Elmer William Zoltak, 1910-1979, August 16, 1939.  They had two children, Dennis Edward Zoltak, 1941-1942, and Elmer William Zoltak, Jr., 1942-1987.  Cora outlived all her family members, passing away December 11, 2007, at the age of 86.  She is buried in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.

Does anyone know this family?

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