Bowmar-Burbridge Bible Records

Today I have bible records of the Bowmar and Burbridge families from Adair County, Kentucky.  The parents were born during the exciting year just before the Revolutionary War began.  Could Benjamin and Polly’s fathers been in the war?  Very possible.  Also note there are four deaths during July and August of 1833 – during the cholera epidemic.  So sad to see a family lose that many members at one time.  I have marked the Willis information as ‘other’, but they are probably grandchildren of Benjamin and Polly.

Benjamin Bowmar and Polly Burbridge Bible Records

Adair County, Kentucky

I will state from a record of my father, Robert Bowmar, that I was born on the 6th day of March, 1775.  I will also state from record my wife, Polly Bowmar, was born March the 16th, 1776, which made nearly one year difference in our age, and died June the 28th, 1842.

Benjamin Bowmar departed this life July the 25th, 1858


  • Harriet Bowmar, born May 15th, 1797, died May 20th, 1837
  • Nancy Bowmar, born February 11th, 1799, died October 28th, 1834
  • Julia Bowmar, born February 3rd, 1801, married January 15th, 1824 (Adair records:  Elijah Cravens)
  • Cyntha Ann Bowmar, born October 20th, 1806, married January 15th, 1824 (Adair records:  James Murrell), died November 14th, 1847
  • Almira Bowmar, born May 5th, 1809, died July 3rd, 1809
  • Celesta H. Bowmar, born August 18th, 1810, died March 9th, 1871
  • Oliver L. Bowmar, born March 29th, 1813, died July 14th, 1833
  • Benjamin W. Bowmar, born December 24th, 1815, died July 20, 1833


  • Ann B. Willis, born September 12th, 1812, married July 2nd, 1835
  • Benjamin Willis, born October 4th, 1814
  • Mary Jane Willis, born April 11th, 1817, married February 1st, 1843
  • Almira Willis, born November 27th, 1819, died August 17th, 1833
  • Julia Frances Willis, born January 31st, 1822, died July 25th, 1833

Polly Burbridge Family:

  • Ann Burbridge, daughter of Thomas and Easter Burbridge, born December 1st, 1755
  • John Burbridge, born October 24th, 1757
  • Elizabeth Burbridge, born April 13th, 1760
  • Sarah Burbridge, born June 1st, 1762
  • Benjamin Burbridge, born January 26th, 1765
  • William Burbridge, born August 1st, 1767
  • Jeremiah Burbridge, born August 30th, 1769
  • Francis Burbridge, born August 30th, 1769
  • Elijah Burbridge, born August 16th, 1772
  • Polly Burbridge, born March 16th, 1776, and died June 28th, 1842, between 10 and 11 o’clock a.m.
  • Molly Burbridge, born May 15th, 1780

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  1. Thank you for posting the Bowmar Bible info. Do you have the front page information (date of publication, publisher, etc)? Thanks

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