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Rudd/Stewart/Ochs/Bauman/Saenger Family Photos

Rudd/Stewart/Ochs/Bauman/Saenger Family Photos

I purchased the following photos several years ago in hopes of finding information on these inter-related families.  The only spark was a Cora Rittenhouse who married a John Stewart.  She could be Cora Stewart Mitterling.  In the 1900 census of Adams County, Wisconsin, there is a John Stewart, age 43, born July, 1856, in New Jersey, farmer, married to Cora E., age 25, born September, 1874, in Wisconsin.  The following daughters are listed:  Mabel, 13, June 1886, Ida, 12, April 1888, Kitty, 8, September 1891, Edith, 6, October, 1893.  Maude, 3, September, 1896, and Cora, 6/12, November 1899.  I believe this must have been a second marriage for John, some of the daughters are too old to be children of Cora.  Perhaps one of you will recognize the family and be able to shed some light.  All photos have information written on the back, in the same handwriting. 

Scan_Pic1328 2Wallace Rudd and Mabel Rudd, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Scan_Pic1330Mabel Stewart

Scan_Pic1331June 19, 1926.  Brayton and Violette Ochs.  Cora Rudd Zoltak’s cousin – Violette Fausch Ochs.  Aunt Mabel’s oldest daughter.  Merrill, Wisconsin

Scan_Pic1332Grandma to Cora Rudd Zoltak – Cora Stewart Midderling and Bert Midderling.  Mother Della Stewart and Uncle John Stewart.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Scan_Pic1334Grandma Cora Stewart Midderling and Bert Midderling.  Mother Della and Uncle John Stewart.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Scan_Pic1329 2This photo was unnamed, but is evidently a younger Cora Stewart, before her marriage to Bert Midderling.  She wears the same bracelet!

Scan_Pic1333Marvin Saenger and Edna Bauman Saenger.  Cora Rudd Zoltak’s cousin – Aunt Beulah’s only daughter.  Brillion Wisconsin

Scan_Pic1320 2Cora Marcella Rudd, born July 24, 1921.  She must have written the names on back of the photos.  In my blog from last week I mentioned that she married Elmer William Zoltak in 1939.

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  1. These are pictures of my mom’s family. “Uncle John” was her father. Aunt Dell was kind of a fun lady but she made Uncle Minor Rudd count back the change after she sent him to the store. My mom visited her aunt often and one day, her cousin Lyle Rudd introduced her to his buddy Jim Willoughby, who lived around the corner. Dad worked with Minor Zoltak (junior)on the railroad.
    I met aunt Mabel but I don’t remember her.
    My mom is still alive, so if you want to know more, I could ask her.

    • Doug, how wonderful to hear from you! I bought these photos several years ago from an antique store – thought they were lovely – and with the names on back very helpful to find a bit of information. I would like to know more about baby Cora. Who did ‘Uncle John’ marry? Love to hear the family stories – especially the part about counting the change! It brings these pictures to life!

  2. All I know is that Cora Rudd was my mom’s older cousin . She was my mom’s Auny Dell’s daughter. John and Della were the youngest children of Cora Rittenhouse Stewart Midderling. Mom was born in 1930. Her dad ( Uncle John, in the picture married my grandma Tillie Carlson. She came over from the Old Country when she was 5 and spoke Swedish. I had assumed that that they came from Sweden, but the were Swedes who lived in Finland. So I thought until last week. My brother took the DNA test and it turns out they were Russian-Finns who spoke Swedish. At any rate, grandpa Carlson took the family to America because he did not want to serve in yhe Russian army .sometime around 1900.

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