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Isaac and Chloe Ballard Alexander Family

This information was copied from the Revolutionary War Pension Application of Isaac and Chloe Ballard Alexander from Mercer County, Kentucky.  Checking on I found that Isaac Shelby Alexander was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, June 7, 1756.  He married Chloe Ballard in Wilkes County, North Carolina, December 1, 1789.  Isaac died August 10, 1838, in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Daughter Polly Alexander married Thomas Jeffries December 9, 1817, in Mercer County.

  • Sally Alexander was born December 11, 1790
  • Joshua Alexander was born March 9, 1793
  • Reuben Alexander was born December 19, 1797
  • Polly Alexander was born October 16, 1800
  • Elizabeth Alexander was born September 14, 1802
  • William Alexander was born January 15, 1805
  • Nancy Alexander was born October 1, 1807
  • Jesse Alexander was born November 28, 1809
  • Isaac Alexander was born August 17, 1812
  • Jeremiah Alexander was born October 25, 1815
  • William Jeffries was born July 27, 1824
  • Jeremiah Jeffries was born September 11, 1826
  • James Harry Jeffries was born July 9, 1828
  • Josiah A. Jeffries was born August 4, 1830
  • Nancy Jeffries was born October 6, 1834

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  1. This “Isaac Shelby Alexander” is not the Isaac that Married Chloe Ballard. The Isaac that married Chloe Ballard was born in 1763 as he states, and she later confirms in their applications for Rev War pensions applications (found on this site). Isaac (that married Chloe) also states that he was born in Tyrrell County, NC. I learned something here: didn’t know about the Thomas Jefferies marriage. TY

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