Versailles Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky

IMG_1317_1Versailles Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky

IMG_1304_1Keturah Gruelle Milward, 1817-1895

IMG_1305_1Rev. P. W. Gruelle, died June 25, 1855, aged 41 years

IMG_1308_1Pearl Hawkins, wife of W. P. Hall, Alice daughter of W. P. & P. H. Hall, aged 2 years, Louis W., son of J. W. & J. Hawkins

IMG_1311_1Jane Dedman Nuckols, wife of Charles M. Harris, 1875-1903

IMG_1321_1S. A. Ireland, died September 1858

IMG_1328_1Matilda, wife of Hezekiah Winn, died November 6, 1863, aged 36 years

IMG_1329_1Hezekiah Winn, born November 27, 1813, died July 16, 1893

IMG_1334_1Thomas J. White, January 25, 1827 – August 8, 1911.  Mary E. White, April 20, 1845 – February 2, 1912


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