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1860’s – 1870’s Photos – Couples

The following couple photos are from the 1860’s to 1870’s.  They give us a good example of the fashions of the time period.

Scan_Pic1407 2I wish the woman was not hidden by the table!  Photo taken by Schmitz V. Witt, No. 565 West Water Street, Wisconsin.  There is a small tear on the back of the picture where the name of the city would be!

Scan_Pic1408 2This is an interesting couple.  I can’t decided if her hair is pulled to the left side, or if it could be a ribbon.  Photography by Condit & Collamer, Over the Post Officer, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Scan_Pic1406 2A slightly older couple, but look how beautiful she is!  Her dress is very pretty.  Photo taken by Broich & Kremer, 116 & 118 Spring Street, opposite Plankinton House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Scan_Pic1411 2This couple was photographed by Hardy J. Van Arnam, 4 King Street, Troy, New York.

Scan_Pic1410 2This photo was taken in the 1870’s.  Note the woman’s tiny waist!  And the skirt is pulled around to the back to form a bustle.  The gentleman’s coat is buttoned only at the top.  Taken by Dunlap photographer, Brooklyn, Iowa.

Scan_Pic1409 2Perhaps a wedding photo?  The dress is very decorative and the addition of the veil does seem appropriate.  No information on back.

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