Couple Die On Same Day

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESJames Madison Lillard, 1807-1901, Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Sayings, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, November 14, 1901

Shocking Was the Death of James Lillard and Wife

One of the saddest and most remarkable coincidences ever known in the town’s history, was the death of Mr. James Lillard and wife, within a few hours of each other at their home on Lexington and East Streets, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Lillard had been ill for some time, but her death, which occurred at about one o’clock, came as a great surprise to her many friends. Her venerable husband, when told of the sad news, fell as one shot and died within a short time. The death of these two venerable people coming so sudden and so close together, can scarcely be realized, and the town is shocked at the quick work of the Grim Reaper. Mr. Lillard was ninety-five years old, and one of the county’s oldest as well as most substantial citizens, who by his honorable, upright dealings had made himself universally beloved. His loving and lovable helpmate, was 83 years of age, and was a woman who possessed many Christian virtues. She was, as was her husband, for many, many years, a consistent Christian, and by her amiable disposition and gentle demeanor had endeared herself to all.


Margaret McAfee Lillard, 1819-1901

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  1. They were my Great Great Grandparents. Would also like to know how Margaret McAfee Lillard was related to Robert Benjamin McAfee.

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