Funeral Notices – Mercer County, Kentucky

Funeral Notices – Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Captain Samuel Daviess funeral at his late resident in Harrodsburg, September 28, 1856.
  • Hannah Daviess from her late residence to Spring Hill, April 18, 1861.
  • Charles T. Dean funeral at her late residence on College Street, February 24, 1891. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Judge Thomas Edwards from the residence of his son, W. W. Edwards, to the Harrodsburg Baptist Church, January 31, 1882. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.

IMG_7289Huston Figg, March 7, 1844 – January 7, 1887

  • Huston Figg funeral at Methodist Church South, Harrodsburg, January 8, 1887. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • John A. Figg funeral at Methodist Church, Harrodsburg, January 26, 1904. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Lucy Lee Finnell, daughter of C. A. and Lizzie Finnell, funeral at Christian Church, October 18, 1888. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • W. Finnell funeral at his late residence in Harrodsburg, January 15, 1883. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • H. Forsythe funeral at New Providence Church, Mercer County, February 27, 1886. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Nat Gaither funeral at First Presbyterian Church, December 21, 1894. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Nick N. Goddard funeral at the residence of his father, W. W. Goddard, Mercer County, November 18, 1893. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • John R. Graham funeral at Methodist Church, December 13, 1902. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • T. Haggin, Esq., at his late residence, June 13, 1862. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • Sarah A. Hickman, wife of Dr. John F. Hickman, at the residence of her father, John Curry, Harrodsburg, May 25, 1858. Interment Harrodsburg Cemetery.
  • Nancy C. Hooe from the residence of William A. Hooe to Providence Church, February 5, 1857.
  • Kate C. Hughes from the residence of Mr. John H. Thomas to the Methodist church and thence to Harrodsburg Cemetery, March 13, 1858.
  • John W. Hughley funeral at the residence in the country, April 23, 1888. Interment Danville Cemetery.
  • Miss Bettie Lowe funeral at the residence of William B. Vivion, August 18, 1881. Interment in family burial ground.
  • Mary E. Matheny funeral at First Presbyterian Church, July 13, 1882. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.
  • James B. Mann funeral at Mud Meeting House, February 28, 1886.
  • Madison, the servant of Judge Chinn, funeral at the African Methodist Church, September 3, 1860. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.


Sallie McFatridge, born October 4, 1822, died March 13, 1890

  • Sallie McFatridge funeral at the First Presbyterian Church, March 14, 1890. Interment Spring Hill Cemetery.

One thought on “Funeral Notices – Mercer County, Kentucky”

  1. Thank you for the information about Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg – Mercer County. It is a beautiful old cemetery and well worth a visit for those who enjoy cemeteries. Many of my family have been buried there through the years – from my greatgrandmother to my parents and sister. I have attended the evening programs there where a person assumes the identity of the person buried there and gives a monologue about that person’s life. A woman played the role of my ggrandmother Emily Shackelford Huff to perfection. It was most impressive and fun. One finds out a lot about the local history and what life was like when the person was alive. Marilyn

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