The Leachman Family

Found gravestone photos for all members of this family!

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky

As complied from newspaper articles by Orval W. Baylor and Others

The Leachman Family

This family has long been identified with Washington County and is of Virginia extraction.  Sampson Leachman emigrated from that state and settled in Boyle County, Kentucky.  He had a son, Harrison Leachman, who grew to manhood in Boyle County where he married Ellen M. Childs.

IMG_0301Harrison Leachman, born May 15, 1809, died December 25, 1863.  Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Cemetery

After his marriage, Harrison Leachman moved to the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Washington County where he resided until his death in 1863.  His wife, Ellen Childs Leachman, was born in Boyle County and died in Washington County in 1842.  They were the parents of W. T., Elizabeth, M. G., Stephen and Harrison.

IMG_0303Ellen M., wife of H. Leachman, born June 11, 1876, died February 26, 1842

M. G. Leachman, son of Harrison and Ellen Childs Leachman, was born in Washington County December 18, 1837.  He attended the country schools until he had reached his 18th year.  Then he entered Georgetown College where he remained for two years.

IMG_0299M. G. Leachman, December 18, 1837 – June 22, 1920.  Sue D., his wife, April 11, 1842 – October 2, 1894

When he was 20, M. G. Leachman left college and joined a company of fortune seekers headed for California.  He stayed in the West for 5 years, where he engaged in mining and the lumber business.  In December 1864 he returned to Washington County, and in January, 1865, was married to Miss Sue D. Brown, daughter of Stephen Cocke and Mary Davison Brown.

IMG_0353Stephen C. Brown, born September 20, 1798, died January 15, 1861, aged 65 years, 3 months and 25 days

IMG_0351Mary E., wife of S. C. Brown, born September 11, 1805, died December 7, 1867, aged 62 years, 2 months and 22 days

For many years M. G. Leachman was one of the progressive farmers of the Pleasant Grove neighborhood.  His tasks as a farmer were interspersed with the duties of a legislator for in 1883-1884, he was a member of the Kentucky Legislature.  He was a member of the Baptist Church but his wife belonged to the Presbyterian Church at Pleasant Grove.  Their sole surviving child is Beverly B. Leachman, born March 4, 1867.

IMG_0244Beverly Browne Leachman, March 4, 1867 – April 30, 1938.  Bethe McMakin Leachman, January 6, 1870 – May 19, 1955


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