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1860 Photo – Louisa Carrier Bailey

Scan_Pic1595  2One of my ‘finds’!  On back of this photo is written ‘Mrs. Edward Bailey, Madison, WI (sister of L. F. Carrier)’.  How much information is given in those few words.  From this I was able to piece together the very full life of Louisa Carrier Bailey and her amazing family!

I did a quick Ancestry search for Edward Bailey, with spouse of last name Carrier, living in Madison.  I didn’t find anything in Wisconsin, but found information for Iowa.  So I searched for L. F. Carrier and found him living in Strawberry Point, Clayton County, Iowa, with a family headed by Erastus Grannis in the 1860 census.  L. F. is listed as aged 23, born in New York.

After additions to Louisa with her place of birth, date of birth at about 1830 and husband Edward Bailey, a very interesting story evolved.

In the 1850 census of Lapeer County, Michigan, I found Edward Bailey, aged 16, living with his parents, Chancey Bailey, 55, born in Connecticut, and mother Amanda, 49, born in Vermont, and older sister, Havila H., aged 21, born in Michigan.

In the 1860 census of Strawberry Point, Clayton County, Iowa, Edward, 26, and Louisa, 22, born in New York, live with their two small children, Emma, 3, and Emerson, 9/12, a son, both born in Iowa.

The June 1863 US Civil War Draft Registration Records for Clayton County, Iowa, list Edward Bailey, 29, farmer, married, born in Michigan.  I don’t know if he was actually drafted, but there is at least a registration for draft.

By 1870 the family had moved to Kossuth County, Idaho, where they lived with Edward’s parents.  Chancey Bailey, 65, Amanda, 60, Edward, 36, Louisa, 35, Emma, 13, Emerson, 11, and son Hatsel, 4.  Hatsel was born in Iowa, so this was a fairly recent move for the family.

In 1880 the Bailey’s were in Martin County, Minnesota.  Two new children were born to the family, both born in Minnesota.  By this time Chancey Bailey, Edward’s father, had died, early in 1880.  Edward, 46, Louisa, 41, Emerson R., 21, Hatsel, 13, Guy, 5, Addie C., 1, and Amanda, 77.  Daughter Emma was married.

Twenty years later, in 1900, the family was back in Idaho, living in Canyon County, with daughter Addie’s family – Charles Leigh, born July 1871, 28, married 3 years, born in Minnesota, parents born NY and NY.  Addie Leigh, born August 1878, 21, married 3 years, 1 child born, 1 child living, Henry Leigh, born July 1898, 1.  Edward Bailey, born March 1834, 66, married 45 years.  Louisa Bailey, born October 1838, 61, married 45 years, 5 children, 4 living.  By process of elimination son Guy Bailey was deceased by this date.

Moving ever westward, in 1910 the family lived in King County, Washington.  Edward, 76, and Louisa, 72, married 53 years, lived two houses down from Charles Leigh, 39, married 12 years, Addie C., 32, four children born and living, Henry G., 11, born Minnesota, Chester C., 9, born Oregon, Edward M., 3, born Minnesota, and Hazel M., 4/12, born Washington.

What a pioneering family!  Louisa moved from sea to shining sea – beginning her life in New York and moving as far away as possible to Washington state!  Just think of what adventures, probable sorrows, as well, this family experienced!  Also think of the country they saw!  Beginning their marriage in Michigan about 1855 the family lived in Iowa, Minnesota, Idaho and Washington – and that is what we know from the census records.  Since Charles and Addie Leigh’s son Chester was born in Oregon, it’s very possible they also lived there a short time!  Did the family encounter native Americans?  Did they see the herds of buffalo famous on the great plains?  I wish we knew more of their lifetime experiences!

From The Kent Journal of June 5, 1913:  Mr. Edw. Bailey died Friday night at his home on the East hill at the age of 87 years. Mr. Bailey has been a resident of Kent for several years. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at Chittenden’s undertaking parlors. Rev. Mr. Davis of the Baptist church preached the funeral sermon. Burial was made in the Kent cemetery.

Edw. Bailey was born in the state of Michigan, March 1, 1834, and died May 30, 1913. His wife and four children still living. Mr. Hatsel Bailey lived with his parents, Mrs. Charles Leigh, his daughter, in this town. In addition to these, a son, Emerson, is living in Iowa and daughter, Mrs. E. J. Johnson, living in Idaho. A large gathering of their neighbors attended the funeral, as the old couple had a great many friends.

Evidently Louisa was visiting her daughter, Emeline, in Idaho, when the end time came.  From The Kent Journal of May 4, 1916:  Mrs. Louisa G. Bailey departed this life April 16, 1916, at Parma, Idaho. She was born in Chautauqua county, New York, October 20, 1839.

Four children survive her, Mrs. Emeline Johnson of Parma, Idaho; Emerson R. Bailey of Dodge Center, Minn.; Hatsel H. Bailey and Mrs. Chas. Leigh of Kent.

She was laid to rest in the Kent cemetery beside her husband.

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