1907 Wedding Photo

Scan_Pic1641 1May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred and Adeline Corp!  This is one of the beautiful wedding photos I found in Cincinnati in June.  This photo was taken by G. F. Maitland in Stratford, Ontario.

The bride is very beautiful in her wedding attire.  Her veil almost looks like a  hat adorned with flowers and greenery, with a long veil added in back – could be just the way she is positioned in the photo.  The groom is very handsome – I do love the white bow ties and shirts!  The couple married June 9, 1907.

Wilfred and Adeline Corp is written on the back of the photo and with just a bit of research I found out even more about this couple!  Wilfred was born March 24, 1889, in Ontario, Adaline Elizabeth Wettlaufer was born six days earlier on March 18, 1889, also in Ontario.  Wilfred was the son of Issachar Corp and Mary Quehl.  The parents, son and daughter-in-law share a gravestone in Grace Untied Cemetery.  Adeline was the daughter of John J. Wattlaufer and Wilhelmina Elizabeth Lung.  Adeline lived to the age of 82, dying in 1971; Wilfred until 1984 – he lived 95 years!  The couple were married 64 years before Adeline’s death!

Scan_Pic1640 1I wanted to show you the entire photo – with the beautifully embossed woman at the bottom!


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