August 20th Marriage Records

Marriages – Washington County, Kentucky

August 20th

John Thompson McNeff married Susan Wright 20 Aug 1798
David Hughes married Catherine Scarmehorn 20 Aug 1801
Alexander Brown married Polly Baxter 20 Aug 1804
John Miller married Susanna Burkhead 20 Aug 1804
James Twyman married Clara Thompson 20 Aug 1817
Robert Wheeler married Betsy Catlin 20 Aug 1822
Thomas A. Ferguson married Jemima Peake 20 Aug 1825
Joseph W. Jones married Louisa Siebert 20 Aug 1825
James Edelen married Rosanna Cambron 20 Aug 1826
Moses Ricketts married Mary Northcraft 20 Aug 1832
Benjamin Canary married Mary Jane Wilson 20 Aug 1835
David R. Coulter married Elizabeth Yocum 20 Aug 1835
Reuben Morgan married Priscilla Summers 20 Aug 1842
William Gray married Mary B. Hardesty 20 Aug 1844
James M. Wheatley married Levinia Hagan 20 Aug 1844
Andrew J. Webb married Eliza Moore 20 Aug 1855
William Campbell married Mary F. Isham 20 Aug 1856
Absolam W. Curtsinger married Narcissus McMannus 20 Aug 1865
William Taylor married Lucetta C. Hagan 20 Aug 1865
Austin Hughes married Ellen Polin 20 Aug 1877
Robert P. Hays married Margaret A. Whitfield 20 Aug 1879
William M. Hendren married Rosie B. Coker 20 Aug 1882
William G. Perkins married Frankie Moore 20 Aug 1887

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