E. Lee Ellis Obituary

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from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian, Christian County, Kentucky

Saturday, October 27, 1917

Sudden Death of Lee Ellis

President of The Ellis Ice & Coal Co., Called Without Warning

E. Lee Ellis, President of the Ellis Ice & Coal Co., and one of Hopkinsville’s most successful business men, died very suddenly at 10:30 o’clock Thursday morning.  He had been sick with grip for a few days and was in bed, but was not considered seriously ill.  At 10 o’clock he was seized with an attack of heart failure and died within half an hour.

Mr. Ellis was the second son of the late William Ellis, the city’s leading miller in the seventies, and was born July 25, 1858.  He was educated in Ferrell’s High School and during the time that it was a military school was one of the Lieutenants.  He possessed a bright mind and was a good student, noted for his uniform geniality and brightness of disposition.  He carried these qualities with him through life.  After leaving school he was associated with his father and elder brother, F. L. Ellis, in operating the Ellis Mills and when this plant was burned the firm turned to the new industry of manufacturing ice.  The father died a few years later, and some fifteen years ago Forrest L. Ellis died under somewhat similar circumstances.  The latter’s young son, Louis Ellis, then entered the company and the surviving brother became its head and general director.  The business has been one of the city’s most profitable enterprises and the plant is now one of the finest of its kind in the state.  Lee Ellis’ fine capacity has been shown at all times in the management of the growing industry.  Although enjoying a monopoly for many years, the company has sold ice at reasonable prices all along.

Mr. Ellis was unmarried and his surviving relatives are one brother, Dr. Clifton D. Ellis, of Cleveland, Ohio, one sister, Mrs. M. D. Boales, of this city, and the family of his deceased brother, F. L. Ellis.

He was interested in large business enterprises and leaves an ample estate.  He was a director in the First National Bank and was an extensive land owner.  Mr. Ellis was very popular with the public, by reason of his affability and optimism.  He was kind-hearted and benevolent, a sincere friend and a lover of out-door sports of all kinds.  He loved to hunt and fish and for a long time kept a fine pack of fox hounds and did much to rid this country of foxes.

The funeral arrangements were delayed yesterday due to uncertainty concerning the arrival of Dr. Ellis from Cleveland and Mrs. Thomas Smith and Mrs. Robert L. Maxey, nieces, now in Chicago.  The body was taken to the home of Mrs. Lucy Ellis, on Main Street, and the burial will be from there at 2 o’clock this afternoon, at Riverside Cemetery.

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