Old Cynthiana Cemetery – Part 2

IMG_2030Hon. John Trimble, born December 4, 1783, died June 17, 1852.  Eliza D., his wife, Born July 2, 1804, died March 16, 1843.

Today is a continuation of the Old Cynthiana Cemetery in Harrison County, Kentucky.  To view the earlier post – Part 1.

IMG_2026Olivia H. Pomeroy, born November 15, 1807, died September 1833

IMG_3100Samuel Endicott, 1775-1850

A distinguished classical scholar, a stern effective instructor at Harrison Academy, 1806-1831.  Harrison Academy, first school in Cynthiana, was built on these grounds in 1798.  Presented by Mrs. William C. Endicott.

IMG_3102Mary, wife of Judge David Snodgrass, died March 6, 1859, Aged 69 years.

IMG_3103David Snodgrass, born April 6, 1787, died October 26, 1852

IMG_3105Matilda, wife of W. R. Houston, died March 23, 1840, Aged 20 years, 4 months, 4 days

IMG_3109William Higgins, born October 23, 1787, died May 2, 1851

Notice at the bottom of the stone is written – Danley and Andres, Paris, Kentucky.

IMG_3113George L. Cox, aged 32 years, died April 13, 1853

IMG_3117Virginia Belle, wife of L. F. Payne, born January 5, 1844, died April 5, 1886

IMG_3126Sarah, wife of G. Remington, born December 15, 1800, died January 10, 1833

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  1. First of all, thanks for this terrific site! Any chance of a Part 3 for the Old Cemetery, Cynthiana? I’m hoping for birth and death dates for Joseph Wiglesworth, h/o Evalina, buried there in 1861. He preceded her in death.

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