James Hamilton Drury Biography

from The History of Union County, Kentucky, by Perrin, 1886

James Hamilton Drury, a well-to-do farmer of what is called Pike’s Peak, near Uniontown, is the son of Joseph W. and Jane (Griffin) Drury, of Marion County, Kentucky.  Joseph was born in 1814, came to Union when very young and married here in 1838, and was one of the pioneers of the county.  His wife, Jane, was born in Marion County in 1819, came to Union when very young; she died in Union County in 1870.  Our subject was born in Union County October 14, 1841.  Here in 1865 he married Miss Kate Hardesty.  Mrs. Drury, was born in Union County, Kentucky, in 1834, and is the daughter of Charles and Mary (Riney) Hardesty, both of Marion County, but are of the pioneer settlers of this county.  Her father died when she was but eighteen months old; her mother was born in 1788 and is still living, she now having reached the advanced age of one hundred and three years; she is now both blind and deaf, but in splendid health.  The old lady’s memory as to occurrences of the long ago is the very best.

Subject has only received about six months’ education in all, but leaves the impression of a man with more than ordinary training.  He has four children:  Magdaline married Lloyd McBride, a farmer in the Uniontown Precinct and has two children, Robert and the baby; subject’s children at home are Jennie Florence, Sue Emma and Alburn.

Subject enlisted in the Confederate army at Madisonville, Kentucky, in 1862, under Johnson.  He was in several spirited little fights, namely:  Uniontown, Geiger’s Lake, Madisonville, Owensboro and Clarksville; after his return home, at the close of the war, he was arrested and taken to Henderson and imprisoned and there tried for his life by the Federal authorities, but came clear.

Mr. Drury is a genuine Democrat and has held the office of School Trustee for several years; he owns 63 3/4 acres of fine land near Uniontown, which is all cleared and in a high state of cultivation on which is his dwelling, a nice frame built in 1872.  Subject has been a member of the Catholic church all his life.

Subject has but one brother, Martin Francis, who married Kate Mills and is living in the same precinct.  Mrs. Hardesty, subject’s mother-in-law, is living to enjoy the society and hear the prattle of her great-great-grandchildren.

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