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Happy New Year!

Scan001 1I’m so excited to share this marvelous picture with you – probably taken around 1880!  The two little girls are adorably dressed, with the many layers and facets of their dresses!  You can see their pantalettes showing just below the hemlines.  Their boots look a bit worn – playing probably takes up a great deal of their time!  The girls don’t look especially happy – perhaps the length of time to have their picture taken made them solemn – but their sweet holding of hands, and one hand on the others shoulder shows true sisterly affection.

Kentucky Kindred turns five years old in April!  Where has the time gone?  And now I will have more time to spend on the blog!  As I write, Ritchey is looking up more cemeteries to visit through his geocache downloads!

Have a great new year!

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  1. Happy New Year to YOU and your wonderful husband! (Gosh! All those trips you’ve made!) Thank you for all the labor and love you’ve put in for the last 5 years !!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year, you and your husband do such a wonderful job of sharing with everyone. When you are out scouting new cemeteries, keep an eye out for my 3rd great grandpa Phllip Porter b. 1754 in Fairfax, VA settled in Taylorsville, TX about 1804 when it was Shelby Co. and now it is Spencer Co. TX. He died 1831 Spencer Co.KY His wife was Nancy Ann Brent, 1766-1850 Bloomfield, KY as she was living with her son James and wife Nancy Hall in Bloomfield when she died. Her son Dr. Henry Porter took care of her with pneumonia and he too died a week later in Bloomfield. I have searched and searched, and never found where Philip and his wife and son Dr. Henry Porter were buried, maybe on Philip Porters farm in Spencer Co. KY but cannot even find the farm. Many of my cousins have searched and searched to no avail………..so if you find him in one of your many cemeteries, please let me know. May you both have a blessed and healthy New Year.
    Dottie Porter Himes himesd12@gmail.com Thank you in advance.

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