Captain E. F. Spears Biography


E. F. Spears, 1840-1907.  Paris Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky

from History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Perrin, 1882

Bourbon County

Captain E. F. Spears, milling; was born 1840 in Paris, the third son of Abram Spears and Rebecca Ford.  At the age of thirteen he began to do for himself, being early in life trained to provide for his own necessities.  At the outbreak of the war, he espoused the cause of the South, and in June volunteered his services in the Second Kentucky Infantry as private, he was, however, soon after elected First Lieutenant in Co. “G” and for effective services rendered, he was promoted to a captaincy and led his company until the close of the war.  During this time he participated in all the heavy battles in which his command was engaged, except Shiloh, he was three times wounded, and once taken prisoner, yet through all, he acquitted himself as a true and gallant soldier; upon his return to Paris, at the termination of the war, he engaged in the grocery trade for about two years with his brother Henry; in 1867, he engaged in company with others in the distillery and mill business, under the firm name of Woodford, Spears and Clay, which association lasted about nine years, at which time the firm dissolved, Mr. Spears purchasing the mill-site, and the warehouse near by, and engaged in milling exclusively in 1876; his mill is situated in the southern part of the precinct, on the Stone River; under his management the mill is doing excellent business; the mill has five run of stone, and the arrangement of the manufacturing portion was with a view to make the “New Process” flour.  The mill runs regularly, having steam power attached when the water is low, and with his grading appliances for his wheat, he is enabled to make a straight and regular grade of flour, which is in demand in the market, from the regularity of the brand; in 1866, he married Sallie Woodford, eldest daughter of John T. Woodford, one of the prominent farmers of the precinct.  To Mr. Spears have been born five children, whose names are:  Mary, John W., Lizzie, Catesby and Keith Young.


Sallie Woodford Spears, 1841-1919, wife of E. F. Spears.


Mary Spears, 1867-1921, daughter of E. F. and Sallie Woodford Spears.

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