Marriage Records

Mercer County Marriages 1798-1799

Scan091A Certificate of Marriage


William H. Taylor and Susanna Parson were married February 15

John Davis and Catherine Bell were married March 15

James McAfee and Nancy McAmy were married April the 6th

Jacob Cozat and Peggy Comingore were married August the 10th

John Vanarsdall and Jane Voorhies were married September 28

William Harland and Hannah Titfort were married November 22nd

Daniel Threlkeld and Nancy Ransdall were married December the 19


Philip Nagley and Catherine Marrs married January the 17th

James George and Elizabeth Letcher were married January 29

John Varbrike and Charly Legrave were married January 30th

The above named were married by me – John Sutton

For Mr. Thomas Allin

Mercer County, Kentucky

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