Marriage Records

Washington County Marriages

Marriages – Washington County, Kentucky

Ezekial Beadles married Rachel Martin 18 Nov 1824
Robert Beadles married Frances Inman 19 Jul 1867
Perry G. Beadles married Missouri Burns 22 Oct 1873
John Beall married Jenny Stroder 10 Mar 1802
William Beall married Jenny Carter 28 Jan 1806
Washington Beall married Polly Carter 23 Mar 1813
William M. Beall married Letitia Phillips 24 Feb 1814
Jesse Beall married Mary Cheatham 20 Oct 1818
Charles Beall married Susan Rodman 30 Sep 1822
Richard Beall married Nancy R. Brown 22 Sep 1840
Isaac Beam married Nancy Love 27 May 1832
David Beam married Elizabeth Cox 06 Jan 1848
Simeon Beam married Catherine Fields 08 May 1848
Jacob Beam married Elizabeth J. Marshall 15 Feb 1849
Edward Beam married Susan Peak 16 Feb 1853
David M. Beam married Margaret E. Phillips 23 May 1861
William P. Beam married Sarah E. Piles 17 Feb 1871
Edward Beam married Emma McIntire 15 Dec 1890
Edward Beam married Leonie Reynolds 03 Sep 1891
William Bean married Ann Letitia Medley 17 Apr 1827
Alexander Bean married Julian Jones 18 Jan 1839
William F. Bean married Mary Jane Wathen 04 Apr 1864
Benjamin Bean married Mary Hamilton 23 Nov 1872
John Bean married Emma Mahoney 16 Oct 1888
Henry Beard married Hennie Carrico 03 Oct 1876
Reuben Beasley married Rebecca Hendren 15 Mar 1839
Richard Beasley married Rebecca Burns 27 Apr 1847
John C. Beasley married Margaret E. Jenkins 28 Dec 1869
James J. Beasley married Sarah Ann Shirley 22 Aug 1874
Joshua Beauchamp married Catherine Payne 18 Feb 1813
John Beauchamp married Susanna Beall 09 Feb 1815
Benjamin F. Beaven married Margaret McAtee 19 Jul 1813
Benedict Beaven married Mary Clark 08 Mar 1819
Charles A. Beaven married Cecilia Luckett 30 Nov 1821
James Beaven married Polly Taylor 13 Apr 1821
John Beaven married Mary D. Beaven 18 Dec 1827
Benjamin F. Beaven married Juliet Anne Wade 08 Mar 1834
Charles H. Beaven married Emily Logsdon 19 Sep 1851
Francis W. Beaven married Rebecca A. O’Neal 12 Jan 1876
Nicholas Beavens married Catherine Mattingly 21 Aug 1799
Charles Beavers married Margaret Thompkins 21 Mar 1867
James W. Beavers married Bettie Mattingly 15 Mar 1883
John M. Beavers married Emily Burkhead 22 Feb 1883

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  1. Oh how I wish I could find info on my grandparents. Is a good place to start?

    • It can be – but don’t go just by other people’s family trees – check the original records, such as census, marriage, birth and death records. If you send me their names and dates, where they were born/died, and any other information I’ll see what I can do!

  2. I am looking for the birth record of my 2x Greatgrandfather Simon P. Carter born bat. 1833. I believe his parents are Lewis Carter and Sarah A Best married 27 Feb 1833 Washington County. I have looked everywhere and just can’t find anything. Thank you!

  3. I am looking for any birth record for my 2xgreatgrandfather born in 1833- Simon P Carter. I believe his parents are Lewis Carter b1804 Lincoln County, and Sarah A Best b 1808 either Lincoln or Washington Co. They were married 27Feb 1833 Washington County. He is on the 1840 census there, and may be brother to Ellis, and Jesse Carter. Sarah had a large family in Washington Co. Including a brother Simon Hedger Best. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.
    Thanks so much,

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