Dr. Obadiah V. Garnett Obituary


O. V. Garnett, M.D., 1835-1905, Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, February 23, 1905


Dr. Obe Garnett died at Paterson, N. J. a few days ago, after submitting to an operation. He married Miss Mary Harris, of this city, who survives him. He was about 70 years of age and was a surgeon in the Confederate army. At the close of hostilities he went to Paterson and has since been engaged in the drug business in that city. He was a native of Boyle county.

from History of Bergen and Passaic Counties, New Jersey, William Nelson, 1882

The Garnett family are originally from Virginia, the grandfather of the subject of this biographical sketch having emigrated from that state to Kentucky, and located in Jessamine County.  He was united in marriage to Miss Eliza Moore, of the former state, to whom were born twelve children, among this number being Obadiah, whose birth occurred August 4, 1800, in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  Here he spent the years of his boyhood, and subsequently repaired to Lexington, Kentucky, where he was apprenticed to a tailor.  He removed at the age of twenty to Danville, Kentucky, where he embarked in business.

Mr. Garnett was married to Miss Elizabeth Davis, of Boyle County, Kentucky, and became the parent of children – Margaret, Robert, Mary J. (Mrs. Bishop), Edwin, O. V., Marcus and Bettie.  Of this number but three survive.  The subject of this biography, O. V., was born in Danville, June 9, 1834, and passed the years of his boyhood in Boyle County, Kentucky.  He later repaired to Danville for the purpose of pursuing his studies at Centre College.

At the early age of seventeen he determined upon the profession of medicine as one adapted to his tastes, and his later success has demonstrated the wisdom of this choice.  He began his preparatory studies with Drs. Moore and Spillman, of Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky, and continued them at Jefferson College, Philadelphia, where he graduated in 1855.

Danville was the scene of his earliest professional labors, after which he removed to Missouri.  At the beginning of the late civil conflict Dr. Garnett enlisted in the Confederate services, and served as a surgeon during the whole period of the war.  After a brief time spent in Kentucky he repaired to the north, and chose Paterson as a location, where he accepted a position as a drug clerk.

Having speedily become identified with the inhabitants in a professional capacity, and by his ability and surgical skill, secured a considerable practice, he determined to become a permanent resident of the city.  His practice has greatly increased, until it now affords Dr. Garnett but little respite from the unceasing toil of the physician’s life.  The doctor is a member of the Passaic County Medical Society, and is also surgeon of the Erie Railroad Company.  Though not an active politician, his convictions are in harmony with the platform of the Democratic Party.

Dr. Garnett was on the 21st of October, 1856, married to Miss Mary S., daughter of Nimrod Harris, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Both he and his wife are devoted to the tenets of the Baptist faith, and members of the Staunton Street Baptist Church of New York City.

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