Marriage Records

Richard H. Vandike and Martha E. Anderson 1863 Marriage

This marriage bond from Marion County, Kentucky, is a bit different since the bond amount is $100, rather than the 50 pounds that was bonded in most counties.  Perhaps since this is 1863 – I usually post 1780’s and 1790’s bonds – and a more modern time the bond has changed, not only in amount, but from pounds to dollars!  The writing is a little difficult to read!


Be it known, that we, R. H. Vandike, as principal, and Joseph C. Anderson, as surety, are jointly and severally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of one hundred dollars.

The Condition of this Bond is as follows:

That, whereas Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound R. H. Vandike and Miss Martha E. Anderson.  Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, this bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

Dated at Lebanon, Marion County, this 13 day of October 1863.

                                 Richard H. Vandike, Joseph C. Anderson

scan022The date of marriage if October 15, 1863, at James Anderson’s in Marion County.  The groom is 34 years of age, was born in Washington County, as were his parents.  This is his first marriage.  Martha Anderson is 31 years of age, born in Casey County, as was her father; her mother was born in Boyle County.  Consent from a writing attested to by Joseph Anderson.  This was a first marriage for both the bride and groom.

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