Mt. Gilead Cemetery Is Adopted!!!


Mt. Gilead Cemetery in October 2015

Do you remember my post about Mt. Gilead Cemetery in Mason County, Kentucky?  Here is the link if you would like to refresh your memory.  I received a message on my Kentucky  Kindred Genealogy FaceBook page from Lt. Colonel Thomas Cordingly, the Senior Army Instructor at Mason County High School JROTC.  He was searching for cemeteries in Mason County and came across my blog about Mt. Gilead Cemetery.  He and his cadets have adopted the cemetery – and you will never believe how great it looks now!  The above photo was taken of the same view as below, just closer to the tree line.

rotc-groupIsn’t this a great photo of an immaculate cemetery and the hard-working cadets that made it possible!  Ritchey and I will go back again and photograph the gravestones without worrying if there is a snake crawling up our legs – or being covered with ticks!  I think these young people deserve a large round of applause for giving this cemetery new life!

cadets-2Just look at the amount of clearing they had to do!  Lt. Colonel Cordingly said he was amazed at the number of people that stopped to thank them.

cadetsI wonder how many hours it took to get this cemetery in shape?  Kudos to the cadets and their instructor for a job well done!



3 thoughts on “Mt. Gilead Cemetery Is Adopted!!!”

  1. Often we worry about our youth and their abilities. These young people and their teacher are good example of hope for our future. As a person who loves history, I love the impact they are making!

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